La presencia del pasado, los historiadores
tv mini series

La presencia del pasado, los historiadores


Year: 2011

Plot: From the time of the Conquest, the history of Mexico has reflected the passions and interests of those who interpreted it and made it possible. In search of the truth, historians frequently added on other motives: the defense of an ideological or partisan position, or the legitimization of the State they had helped consolidate. Many of the strongmen, politicians, and writers who are remembered by statues, streets, towns, and cities across the nation date back to the 19th century. However, almost no one recalls the heroes of historiography, the few who miraculously conserved the memory of our past. This program is a tribute to all those friars, lawyers, generals, engineers, and regular citizens who literally sacrificed their own personal histories in order to rescue the collective history of Mexicans as a whole.—Clío TV
Original Title: La presencia del pasado, los historiadores
Writer: Greco Sotelo
Type: tv mini series
Year: 2011
Genres: Documentary
Runtimes: 45
Countries: Mexico
Languages: Spanish
Color Info: Color
Production Companies: Clío TV
Series Years: 2011-2011