Knocked on the Wrong Door
video movie

Knocked on the Wrong Door

Director: Lianet Perez Vega

Year: 2023

Plot: Sofia Williams and her little brother Mikey are going to a friend's birthday party, when they accidentally knock on the wrong house. The owner of the home is mean and nasty to the children, and demands that they leave him alone. The kids think they hear music coming from the backyard, so they knock on the door again. This time, the evil neighbor is so enraged that he sprays the poor children with bear mace. Sofia and Mikey immediately call their mother and tell her what just happened to them. When mama Williams arrives on the scene, this nasty neighbor gets a rude awakening. He just sprayed the children of Mango Park Police Officer Yvonne Williams, and she is determined to make him pay for his actions.—Soul Snack Studios
Original Title: Knocked on the Wrong Door
Director: Lianet Perez Vega
Writer: Marcus Freemont
Producer: Marcus Freemont
Type: video movie
Year: 2023
Genres: Short
Cast: Anthony Gaita , Xavier Pierre Louis , Xena Pierre Louis , Sheryl Tucker
Runtimes: 7
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color::(4K)
Original Air Date: 22 May 2023 (USA)
Akas: Knocked on the Wrong Door (United States)
Production Companies: Soul Snack Studios
Distributors: Soul Snack Studios
Cinematographer: Cristian Campocasso
Producer: Marcus Freemont
Box Office: $1,555 (estimated)
Certificates: United States:Not Rated::(video rating)
Editor: Frantzy Moreau