Justin Timberlake
podcast episode

Justin Timberlake


Year: 2021

Season: 1, Episode: 286

Episodes: 1252

Plot: Justin Timberlake (Palmer, Trolls, The Social Network) is a 10x Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, a 3x Emmy award-winning actor and record producer. Justin joins the Armchair Expert to discuss masculinity, the similarities of growing up in Memphis to Detroit, and the challenges of raising sons. Dax and Justin recount Justin's experience on Punk'd, how well he has navigated new opportunities, and the role naivety has played in it. Dax compliments Justin on his SNL performance, his willingness to take on challenges and his acting in the movie, Palmer.
Original Title: Justin Timberlake
Producer: Rob Holysz
Type: podcast episode
Year: 2021
Genres: Talk-Show
Cast: Dax Shepard , Monica Padman , Justin Timberlake
Runtimes: 78
Original Air Date: 25 Jan 2021
Production Companies: Armchair Umbrella
Producer: Rob Holysz
Season: 1
Episode: 286
Number of Episodes: 1252