Just Roll with It

Just Roll with It

Director: Taylor Olson

Year: 2022

Season: 1, Episode: 5

Episodes: 5

Plot: With the crew locked out of the King and Pawn, Eliza takes Norma Jean, Allen, and Holden into the lion's den in a daring heist to drum up much-needed bail money.
Original Title: Just Roll with It
Director: Taylor Olson
Writer: Taylor Olson , Tieren Hawkins
Producer: Paul Gardner , John Buffone , Amy Trefry , Tieren Hawkins
Type: episode
Year: 2022
Genres: Comedy
Cast: David Light , Koumbie , Taylor Olson , Reid Price , Amy Trefry , Rob Delano , Marty Williams , Tieren Hawkins , Julia Williams , James McLean , Shelley Thompson , Christian Murray
Original Air Date: 22 Jul 2022
Cinematographer: Tim Mombourquette
Producer: Paul Gardner , John Buffone , Amy Trefry , Tieren Hawkins
Production Manager: Chris Brooks , Katerina Bakolias
Art Direction: Jessica MacDonald
Composer: Bob Mann
Editor: Shawn Beckwith
Editorial Department: Clint Lavado , Michael Descheneaux , Szeren Domokos
Sound Crew: Graham Colwell , Dave Mullins , Sheldon Hachey , Darrell Nogler
Miscellaneous Crew: Dave Boyce , Courtney Fowler , Morgan Melnyk , Kirsten Luella Bruce , Regan Bennett
Costume Designer: Morgan Melnyk
Make Up: Morgan Melnyk
Assistant Director: Dave Mullins , Kyle Ellsworth , Joey Chapman
Art Department: Dave Mullins , Nicholas Beaumont
Camera and Electrical Department: Chelsea Innes , Tim Mombourquette , Joshua Saunders , Keigan Fisher
Set Decoration: Hadeya Okeafor
Production Design: Jessica MacDonald
Script Department: Bob Mann , Amy Trefry
Stunt Performer: Tieren Hawkins
Casting Department: Kyle Ellsworth
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Number of Episodes: 5
Episode of: Just Roll with It