Jeevan Prabhat

Jeevan Prabhat

Director: Franz Osten

Year: 1937

Plot: In this tale of rural caste divisions, polygamy is added to the theme in this story of Uma, born in an orthodox Brahmin family. To the despair of her parents she values her friendship with low-caste potters. Especially with Ranu. When she marries Nandlal, a man from her own caste, her potter friends are happy for her - until they learn that Nandlal is taking a second wife, Padma, with Uma's consent. The problem is that Uma is thought to be infertile. Uma returns to her parents' home mainly because Nandlal is paying no attention to his new wife, and when she returns she meets Ramu again. Nandlal overhears a conversation between Ramu and Uma and, when Uma suddenly discovers that she is pregnant after all, he doubts her fidelity.—Sujit R. Varma
Original Title: Jeevan Prabhat
Director: Franz Osten
Writer: J.S. Casshyap , Niranjan Pal
Producer: Himanshu Rai , Devika Rani
Type: movie
Year: 1937
Cast: Devika Rani , Mumtaz Ali , Kishore Sahu , Renuka Devi , Chandraprabha , Maya Devi , Vimala Devi , Aloka , Tarabai Solanki , Saroj Borkar , Kamta Prasad , P.F. Pithawala , M. Nazir , N.M. Joshi , G.S. Vaishampayan
Runtimes: 144
Countries: India
Languages: Hindi
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono
Original Air Date: 02 Nov 1937 (India)
Akas: Jeevan Prabhat (India)
Production Companies: Bombay Talkies Legacy , Dube Company , Dube Industries , The Bombay Talkies Ltd. , The Bombay Talkies Studios
Distributors: Bombay Talkies , The Bombay Talkies Studios
Cinematographer: Josef Wirsching
Producer: Himanshu Rai , Devika Rani
Composer: Saraswati Devi
Sound Crew: Sasadhar Mukherjee
Thanks: Seth Badriprasad Dube , Brahmadev Dube
Other Companies: Bombay Talkies Gharana , Bombay Talkies Laboratories , Bombay Talkies Legacy , Bombay Talkies Pictures , Bombay Talkies Studios