Year: 1997

Season: 1, Episode: 28

Episodes: 52

Plot: The Raptors trick Spike into chasing them in his own, so they can use Spittor's new Weather Maker device to trap him in a weird energy vortex - the same vortex that holds all the chips that have vanished in the Bermuda Triangle! Spike must get through the "Three Tribulations of the Triangle" to escape from the vortex, and help his friends trash the Raptors before Spittor can trap them all.—Anonymous
Original Title: Jealousaurus
Writer: Peter Hunziker , Martha Moran
Producer: Kaaren Lee Brown , Allen Bohbot
Type: episode
Year: 1997
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure, Crime, Family, Sci-Fi
Cast: Garry Chalk , Jason Gray-Stanford , Terry Klassen , Blu Mankuma , Cusse Mankuma , Scott McNeil , Lee Tockar , Stevie Vallance
Runtimes: 21
Original Air Date: 08 Oct 1997
Production Companies: DIC Entertainment
Distributors: Your Family Entertainment
Producer: Kaaren Lee Brown , Allen Bohbot
Certificates: United States:TV-Y7
Sound Crew: Allan Bromberg
Music Department: Allen Bohbot
Miscellaneous Crew: Deborah Matlovsky , Jessica Grant , Lisa Schaffer , Marsha Goodman , Paul F. Quinn
Other Companies: Animation Services Hong Kong , P&A Animation Production , Philippine Animation Studio Inc. , Suzhou Hong Ying Animation , Young Woo Production
Seasons: Marsha Goodman , Paul F. Quinn
Season: 1
Episode: 28
Number of Episodes: 52
Episode of: Jealousaurus