Jacob & Stephanie

Jacob & Stephanie


Year: 2023

Season: 8, Episode: 80

Episodes: 262

Plot: Jacob's tough life turned bright the day Stephanie popped into his live stream; now, with all his hopes hanging on Stephanie, Nev and Kamie struggle with an impossible decision as they fear Stephanie may be too good to be true.
Original Title: Jacob & Stephanie
Producer: David Metzler
Type: episode
Year: 2023
Genres: Reality-TV, Romance
Cast: Nev Schulman , Kamie Crawford
Original Air Date: 18 Apr 2023
Rating: 6.7
Votes: 7
Year: 2023
Producer: David Metzler
Editorial Department: Kelly Reese
Season: 8
Episode: 80
Number of Episodes: 262
Episode of: Jacob & Stephanie