Director: Claire de la Rochefoucauld

Year: 2007

Season: 11, Episode: 2

Episodes: 146

Plot: A patrol of the police has stopped a young driver who can't present the registration documents,Maxime Lukas arrives and begins to speak with the young man.But he escapes and Maxime doesn't manage to catch him.Some minutes later a woman asks for help, because a young man has stole her car.Agathe and Ryann go to the apartment of Mr. Antoine Rouche: the cleaning lady, Maria, has found Mr. Rouche locked up in his desk and suffering some intoxication.On the way to the hospital Mr. Rouche explains that he ate damaged oysters and on the morning his wife went away, locking him up.He only knows that she works as vocal coach but he doesn't know where.—zutterjp48
Original Title: Irresponsables
Director: Claire de la Rochefoucauld
Writer: Marc Eisenchteter , Corinne Elizondo
Type: episode
Year: 2007
Genres: Crime, Thriller
Cast: Anne Barrandon , Sofiane Amokrane , José Ribera , Marie-Amélie Aubert , Katell Borvon , Philippe Chareyron , Charles Schneider , Marc Betton , Valérie Bagnou-Beido , Raphaëlle Lubansu , Emmanuelle Bach , Jalil Naciri , Driss El Haddaoui , François Feroleto , Hervé Pierre , Clotilde Mollet , Hervé Hiolle , Virgile M'Fouilou , Sara Martins , Louison Roblin
Countries: France
Languages: French
Original Air Date: 16 Feb 2007
Akas: Irresponsables (France)
Sound Crew: Aurélie Degont , Yann Le Mapihan
Camera and Electrical Department: Nicolas Giordano , Catherine Briault , Philippe Dorelli
Script Department: Marjorie Rouvidant
Season: 11
Episode: 2
Number of Episodes: 146
Episode of: Irresponsables