Intercepted Pass

Intercepted Pass

Director: Georg Fenady

Year: 1981

Season: 3, Episode: 5

Episodes: 47

Plot: B.J., Callie and Samantha stumble upon Steiger's pet project: a call girl operation run out of a dating service that blackmails its clients with compromising photographs. But SCAT isn't the only party interested in getting that briefcase of evidence back from B.J.—Gary R. Peterson
Original Title: Intercepted Pass
Director: Georg Fenady
Writer: Glen A. Larson , Rogers Turrentine , Christopher Crowe
Producer: Richard Lindheim , Glen A. Larson , Robert F. O'Neill , Michael Sloan , Roy Watts
Type: episode
Year: 1981
Genres: Adventure, Comedy
Cast: Doris Gibbs , Greg Evigan , Candi Brough , Randi Brough , Sheila Wills , Amanda Horan Kennedy , Judy Landers , Linda McCullough , Sherilyn Wolter , Murray Hamilton , Roger Perry , Ronnie Carol , Bruce Glover , Eric Server , Brendon Boone , Brian Libby , Jack Carter , Marland Proctor , Jim Malinda , Carl Lumbly , William Harlow , Michael Masters
Runtimes: 60
Languages: English
Color Info: Color::(Technicolor)
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono
Original Air Date: 03 Feb 1981
Rating: 7.7
Votes: 9
Year: 1981
Production Companies: Glen A. Larson Productions , Universal Television
Distributors: National Broadcasting Company (NBC) , RTL Zwei , RTL , RTL2
Cinematographer: Frank Thackery
Producer: Richard Lindheim , Glen A. Larson , Robert F. O'Neill , Michael Sloan , Roy Watts
Production Manager: Edward D. Markley
Art Direction: Russell C. Forrest
Composer: Stu Phillips
Editor: Buford F. Hayes
Sound Crew: Phil Haberman , Edwin J. Somers Jr.
Music Department: Mark Green , Glen A. Larson
Miscellaneous Crew: Marvin Downey , Robert McCullough , Tom Sawyer , Michael Parkhurst , Jules Sylvester
Assistant Director: Michael Sturges , Gary Jensen , Charles Watson Sanford
Set Decoration: Patricia Suzanne Bruner
Costume Department: Deborah Hopper , Don Snyder
Stunt Performer: David Zellitti , Carey Loftin
Seasons: Ruth Conforte
Season: 3
Episode: 5
Number of Episodes: 47
Episode of: Intercepted Pass