Influencer Shamed at Gym


Influencer Shamed at Gym


Year: 2021

Season: 33, Episode: 250

Episodes: 3744

Plot: Someone body shames an influencer, while she is recording herself working out at the gym; COVID-19 cases are spiking; Honey Boo Boo's fashion show; the return of ABBA; deaf dog rescued from under the street;
Original Title: Influencer Shamed at Gym
Writer: Lydia Perozzi
Type: episode
Year: 2021
Genres: Documentary, News
Cast: ABBA , Deborah Norville , Jim Moret , Lisa Guerrero
Original Air Date: 27 Aug 2021
Certificates: United States:TV-PG
Composer: Michael Egizi
Season: 33
Episode: 250
Number of Episodes: 3744
Episode of: Influencer Shamed at Gym