In the Driver's Seat

In the Driver's Seat

Director: Charlie Haskell

Year: 2014

Season: 2, Episode: 14

Episodes: 42

Plot: The Rangers are lured away from Earth to investigate an emergency signal from Corinth and are trapped in an alternate dimension by Professor Cog.
Original Title: In the Driver's Seat
Director: Charlie Haskell
Writer: Shotaro Ishinomori , Seth Walther
Producer: Elie Dekel , Brian Casentini , Joel Andryc , Haim Saban , Jonathan Tzachor
Type: episode
Year: 2014
Genres: Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Cast: Bronson Steel , Christina Masterson , Cameron Jebo , Azim Rizk , Ciara Hanna , Andrew Gray , Rebecca Parr , Estevez Gillespie , John Mark Loudermilk , Ronny Couling , Geoff Dolan , Stephen Butterworth , Mark Wright , John Leigh , Cameron Rhodes
Runtimes: 24
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 16 Sep 2014
Rating: 6.9
Votes: 37
Year: 2014
Akas: In the Driver's Seat (United States)
Production Companies: SCG Power Rangers , Saban Brands
Distributors: Nickelodeon Network , Nickelodeon , Rajawali Televisi (RTV)
Cinematographer: Ilan Rosenberg
Producer: Elie Dekel , Brian Casentini , Joel Andryc , Haim Saban , Jonathan Tzachor
Certificates: United States:TV-Y7
Composer: Noam Kaniel
Editor: Brough Johnson
Editorial Department: David Ross , Paul Lear
Sound Crew: Chris Burt , Phil Vo , Oscar Burt-Shearer , Stefan Brough , Brian Seagrave , James A. Moore
Visual Effects: Jacob Leaf , Marko Los , Cody Amos
Miscellaneous Crew: Sylvia Guerra , Germaine Putz
Other Companies: Background Talent
Assistant Director: Craig Wilson
Art Department: Zach Becroft , Dante Passmore , Alysha Thomas
Camera and Electrical Department: Phil Totoro , Sam Mathews , Haydn Dudley , Sean McLin
Costume Department: Jessie Noakes
Production Design: Gareth Edwards
Special Effects: Vic Beksinski , Dagan Jurd
Script Department: Melissa Lawrence
Stunt Performer: Taran Howell , Masafumi Oishi , Mark Harris
Seasons: Yvonne Bennett
Casting Department: Sarah Valentine
Season: 2
Episode: 14
Number of Episodes: 42
Episode of: In the Driver's Seat