Image and Likeness

Image and Likeness

Director: Maya Hajdu , Tara Castricone

Year: 2022

Plot: After moving all the way across the country, Lucy finds herself mixed up in the wrong crowd. Will she resist losing herself or succumb to the pressures of a secular environment?
Original Title: Image and Likeness
Director: Maya Hajdu , Tara Castricone
Writer: Maya Hajdu , Tara Castricone
Producer: Bernadette Timson
Type: movie
Year: 2022
Genres: Short, Drama
Cast: Steven Braunstein , Mary Truelson , Grace Edwards , Mary Wenner , Andrew Glaudini , Bernadette Timson , Anthony Koonce , Joseph Donelson , Maya Hajdu , Bailey Garland , Daniel Morse , Adam Sherrill , Amanda Hardcastle , Caterina Franks , Francis Ysmael , Anna Engel , Avila Dauvin , Haley Putzke , Mindy Hoang , Julian Alcon , Anthony Estrada , Patrick Kobberman , Kendall Lilley , Mark Pagaduan
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 2022 (USA)
Akas: Image and Likeness (United States)
Production Companies: John Paul the Great Universtiy
Cinematographer: Anthony Koonce
Producer: Bernadette Timson
Composer: Raphael Whalen
Editorial Department: Tara Castricone , Abigail Ross
Sound Crew: Josue Vasquez Rios , Liam Schulz , Nathanial Williams
Make Up: Olivia Hannah
Assistant Director: Elizabeth Dewitt , Natalia Roberts
Camera and Electrical Department: Alan Hewitt , Nate Schuster , John Vasquez , Mj Nibbi , Francis Ysmael
Production Design: Maya Hajdu , Fernanda Neu