Il film uccide

Il film uccide

Director: Martin Basile

Year: 2017

Plot: After Davide loses the use of his legs in an accident, Marco, the driver, drowns in guilt. Davide though, tells him he shouldn't worry, suggesting that what they are experiencing is actually a movie.
Original Title: Il film uccide
Director: Martin Basile
Writer: Martin Basile
Type: movie
Year: 2017
Genres: Short, Drama
Cast: Martin Basile , Stelio Callao , Cristiana Manzi Dell'Aira
Runtimes: 9
Countries: Italy
Languages: Italian
Color Info: Color::(4K)
Akas: Filmmaking Kills (World-wide, English title)
Cinematographer: Elena Grandi
Composer: Martin Basile
Editor: Martin Basile