I'm in Love

I'm in Love


Year: 2007

Plot: Karan Kapoor moves to England with his wife and younger brother Akash, who attends college. Akash soon falls in love, while Karan builds an educational academy. The principled family feels strongly about donating their organs, but they receives a big shock when the issue suddenly hits too close to home. This film drives home the message that donating parts of your body is better than any other form of charity. N.R.I businessman Karan Kapoor has settled down in England along with his wife Laxmi and younger brother Akash to form a happy family who loves Indian values. College student Akash falls in love with Shradha, an Indian girl. K.K and Laxmi pledge to donate their organs after their deaths. K.K. tells Laxmi that he wants to build an educational institution of international standard in India. K.K's Cambridge Academy takes shape in Karjat (Maharastra) in spite of all obstacles. K.K. receives the shock of his life when Laxmi dies in a freak accident.—Arjun Gaur
Original Title: I'm in Love
Producer: Arjun Gaur
Type: movie
Year: 2007
Genres: Action
Cast: Kiran Juneja , Ehsan Khan , Bobby Darling , Sidharth Shukla , Suchhi Kumar , Tom Alter , Anil Dhawan , Razak Khan , Guddi Maruti , Rammohan Sharma
Runtimes: 140
Countries: India
Languages: Hindi
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 23 Mar 2007 (India)
Rating: 8.9
Votes: 58
Year: 2007
Distributors: Madhu Films
Producer: Arjun Gaur
Box Office: INR40,000,000 (estimated)
Composer: Daboo Malik
Music Department: Louis Bank
Miscellaneous Crew: Rekha Chini Prakash
Stunt Performer: Bhiku Verma