Hotel Alpenglow

Hotel Alpenglow

Director: Anna Mönnich

Year: 2013

Plot: Hotel Alpenglow is the best address to take ones own life mechanically and comfortably. The suicidal intentions of two of the guests change through their unusual encounter with one another, which shakes the whole construct of the hotel to its foundations.—Anonymous
Original Title: Hotel Alpenrot
Director: Anna Mönnich
Writer: Anna Mönnich
Producer: Ute Dilger , Dominik Strohbeck
Type: movie
Year: 2013
Genres: Short, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Cast: Irina Potapenko , Bastian Sesjak , Dana Cebulla , Karl-Heinz Dickmann
Runtimes: 14
Countries: Germany
Languages: German
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 2013 (Germany)
Akas: Hotel Alpenglow (World-wide, English title) , Hotel Alpenglow (United States) , Hotel Alpenglow (United Kingdom)
Cinematographer: Sebastian Fred Schirmer
Producer: Ute Dilger , Dominik Strohbeck
Art Direction: Florian Forsch , Mark Klawikowski
Composer: Seongmin Lee
Editor: Anna Mönnich , Anke Trojan
Sound Crew: Ingo Baier , Gabriel Hulbert , Franz Felix Rothmund
Animation Department: Moritz Reichartz
Set Decoration: Florian Forsch , Mark Klawikowski
Production Design: Florian Forsch , Mark Klawikowski