Hostal Orión

Hostal Orión

Director: Jaume Carrió

Year: 2018

Plot: Palma, 1984. Marçal is a blind young man. He helps his father with the management of their own inn, Hostal Orión. He feels strongly attracted to Luz, the new employee. When the night falls, he walks around the corridors listening through the walls.
Original Title: Hostal Orión
Director: Jaume Carrió
Writer: Jaume Carrió , Laura Gost
Type: movie
Year: 2018
Genres: Short, Drama
Cast: Marc Joy , Carles Molinet , Aina Zuazaga , Patricia Monzón
Runtimes: 21
Countries: Spain
Languages: Spanish , Catalan
Color Info: Color::(4K)
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1 (4K)
Sound Mix: Dolby SR
Production Companies: CEF
Cinematographer: Edu Biurrun
Art Direction: Nerea Ferrero Ardila
Box Office: EUR15,000 (estimated)
Composer: Miquel Àngel Aguiló
Editor: Jaume Carrió
Sound Crew: Rubén Pérez
Music Department: Sergio Llopis
Camera and Electrical Department: Javier Pueyo , Toni Payeras