Horror of Wonderland

Horror of Wonderland

Director: Andrew Bury

Year: 2019

Plot: Laura finds herself in an all girls mental institute without knowing how she got there in the first place.
Original Title: Horror of Wonderland
Director: Andrew Bury
Writer: Andrew Bury
Producer: Andrew Bury , Ian Howick
Type: movie
Year: 2019
Genres: Short, Horror, Thriller
Cast: Kelly-Marie Kerr , Jeremy Oliver , Ian Howick , Gillian Broderick , Lilibeth Langford , Louise Marguerite , Mike Kelson , Daniel Ferguson , Aiken Clark , Belle Kavanagh , Rose Ferguson , Amanda Alyce , Holly Durkin , Tessa Battaiotto
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 27 Feb 2019 (UK)
Akas: Wonderland part 2 (United Kingdom)
Cinematographer: Jonathan Beckett
Producer: Andrew Bury , Ian Howick
Art Direction: Andrew Bury
Box Office: GBP2,300 (estimated)
Composer: Charlie Wilkins , Dan Brockwell
Editor: Andrew Bury
Sound Crew: Ned Hards
Visual Effects: Brian McGleenon
Music Department: Andrew Bury , Charlie Wilkins
Camera and Electrical Department: Ian Howick , Jonathan Beckett
Production Design: Andrew Bury
Seasons: Andrew Bury
Casting Department: Ian Howick