Honoring Eric Bentley: A Centennial Tribute Concert

Honoring Eric Bentley: A Centennial Tribute Concert

Director: Warren Elgort

Year: 2023

Plot: Eric Bentley is one of the most respected theater critics, playwrights, editors and translators of our time. For his 100th birthday, a galaxy of stars honored Bentley at Broadway's legendary Town Hall. The historic evening featured [LINK=nm1065785], Austin Pendleton, Harold Bloom, James Shapiro, Edward Mendelson, Phillip Lopate, Louise Kerz-Hirschfeld, Michael Paller, and Roger Copeland, and was emceed by Michael Riedel. The participants offered readings from Eric Bentley's classic works and shared their thoughts about Bentley's influence on them personally and on American theater, music, and culture. Bentley's work with Brecht, his classic books on the theater, and his own great artistry were all highlighted. The evening was punctuated by theater music of Hanns Eisler and Darius Milhaud, whose songs for Mother Courage were performed by Soprano Karyn Levitt in the composer's original, unpublished version for chamber orchestra, conducted by the late multi-Emmy Award winner Glen Roven. Selections from Eric Bentley's Brecht-Eisler Song Book were also performed by Ms. Levitt and the Hanns Eisler Trio. The film captures all the highlights from this one-of-a-kind live event honoring Eric Bentley and his legacy.—Karyn Levitt
Original Title: Honoring Eric Bentley: A Centennial Tribute Concert
Director: Warren Elgort
Writer: Karyn Levitt
Producer: Henning Rübsam , Robbie Imes , Aryeh Finklestein , Karyn Levitt
Type: movie
Year: 2023
Genres: Music
Cast: Tony Kushner , Phillip Lopate , Michael Riedel , Henning Rübsam , James Shapiro , Edward Mendelson , Karyn Levitt , Roger Copeland , Elliot Forrest , Louise Kerz , Michael Paller , Austin Pendleton
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Akas: Honoring Eric Bentley (United States)
Production Companies: Royal Road Productions
Distributors: Royal Road Productions
Cinematographer: Michael J. Burke
Producer: Henning Rübsam , Robbie Imes , Aryeh Finklestein , Karyn Levitt
Editor: Bryan Kohl , Desiree Lavoy , Brian Gersten , Katey Spinner
Sound Crew: Bill Dehling
Music Department: Eric Bentley , William Barto Jones , Jacek Mioduszewski , William Schimmel , Caleigh Drane , Carlos Barriento , Miquel Tepale , Regi Papa , Karyn Levitt , Eric Ostling , Hanns Eisler Trio , Jaram Kim , Bela Horvath , So Sugiyama , Pierre Lidar , Dirk Wels , Boris Shpitalnik , Slava Znatchenii , David Whitwell , Sam Nester , Evan Honse , Hanns Eisler , Darius Milhaud , Glen Roven , Larry Saltzman , Ira Siegel
Miscellaneous Crew: Brett Oberman , Joshua Graubart , Peter Dingens , Steven Reich , Caleb Jaster
Thanks: Michael Riedel , Harold Bloom , Larry Zucker , Asaf Blasberg , Daniel Posner , Ilse Schreiber-Noll , Nathaniel Nesmith , Philip Bentley , Daniel Milhaud , Nadine Milhaud , Dottie Jeffries , Maria Barbara Brecht-Schall , Arthur Strong , Hilda Hoffman , M.A. Papper , Raymond Bisha , Die Internationale Hanns Eisler Gesellschaft , Ruth Berlau , Arthur Elgort , Glen Roven
Other Companies: Almay , Applause Books , CUNY TV , Folkways Records & Service , French Embassy, New York , Grove Press , International Public and Artist Relations , Keith Sherman & Associates , L.A. Theatre Works , M&I Recording Studios , Music Sales Corporation , Nokia , Oak Publications , Oxford-Radcliffe Camera , Paul Sacher Foundation , Ruby Creek Design , Samuel French , University of Minnesota Press
Art Department: Ben Perez , Mitchell Steinberg , Joan Chiverton , Michael Imlay , Steve Calalang , Margot Frankel
Camera and Electrical Department: Steven Speliotis , Carmelo Varela , Mason Speta , Bill Dehling , Reiko Yanagi , Asaf Blasberg , Charles Wenzelberg
Costume Department: Eric Winterling