His House

His House

Director: Remi Weekes

Year: 2020

Plot: A refugee couple makes a harrowing escape from war-torn South Sudan, but then they struggle to adjust to their new life in an English town that has an evil lurking beneath the surface.
Original Title: His House
Director: Remi Weekes
Writer: Remi Weekes , Toby Venables , Felicity Evans
Producer: Ed King , Yariv Milchan , Aidan Elliott , Steven Schneider , Stuart Manashil , Eva Yates , Alden Dalia , Natalie Lehmann , Martin Gentles , Mark Huffam , Roy Lee , Arnon Milchan , Michael Schaefer
Type: movie
Year: 2020
Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Cast: Vivienne Soan , Matt Smith , Steven Blakeley , Wunmi Mosaku , Javier Botet , Andy Gathergood , Emily Taaffe , Vivien Bridson , Ian Horgan , Lee Westwick , Homer Todiwala , Bharat Mistri , Sope Dirisu , Simon Akinwunmi , Lola May , Scott Michael Wagstaff , Julius Reuben , Nasir Jama , Mark Gooden , John Kamau , Kevin Layne , Matt Townsend , Perry Warner , Maureen Casey , Swaylee Loughnane , Ty Hurley , Yvonne Campbell , Gamba Cole , Rene Costa , Dave Watts , Gillian Vassilliou , Rasaq Kukoyi , Bradley Banton , Mevis Birungi , Aliyah Sesay , Yasmine Smith , Malaika Wakoli-Abigaba , Destiny Okoh , Kyna Boyle , Lanre Olagoke , Adwoa Brown , Rita Laker-Acaye , Mikey Adewunmi , Dominic Coleman , Sally Plumb , Roland Manookian , Tabitha Wady , Cornell John
Runtimes: 93
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English , Dinka
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Original Air Date: 30 Oct 2020 (India)
Rating: 6.5
Votes: 46031
Year: 2020
Akas: Casa ajena (Spain) , Czyj to dom? (Poland) , Kinek a háza? (Hungary) , O Que Ficou Para Trás (Brazil) , Το σπίτι του (Greece)
Production Companies: Regency Enterprises , BBC Films , New Regency Productions , Vertigo Entertainment , Starchild Pictures
Distributors: Netflix
Synopsis: Bol (Sope Dirisu) and Rial (Wunmi Mosaku) are refugees fleeing with their daughter Nyagak from war-torn South Sudan. To cross the Mediterranean, they brave stormy waters on an overcrowded motorboat, along with fellow refugees traversing the dangerous open sea in search of a better life in Europe. Although they survive the treacherous crossing, their daughter and many others do not. When they are finally granted probational asylum in Britain three months later, the government assigns them a shabby house with peeling walls and dismal furnishings on the outskirts of London. They are given strict restrictions or they may face deportation. They experience racism and hatred from their tenement neighbors. They are met by their case worker Mark (Matt Smith), who tells them he hopes they are two of "the good ones".Bol tries to assimilate: he sings football songs, asks Rial to use utensils rather than her hands when they eat, and even changes how he dresses. Bol wants to prove to the government that he and Rial belong in the UK. Rial, however, clings to their culture. She retains their daughter's necklace, dresses in colorful clothes, and rather than using a table, sits on the floor to eat. Both Bol and Rial soon experience strange and disturbing phenomena in their new home, and see visions of Nyagak and a mysterious man, who both escape into the walls.Rial doesn't take long to work out what the evil in their house is: an apeth or "night witch". She tells Bol the story of a poor man in her village who accidentally stole from an apeth by the river. When the thief built his home, the apeth moved in with him and haunted him. Rial believes that an apeth has followed them and if they repay their debt, the apeth will bring Nyagak back to them. However it is not immediately clear what the "debt" is that they need to repay. Bol burns everything they brought with them, but the apeth continues to torment him and things deteriorate between the couple. He goes to Mark and requests new accommodation under the guise that their unit is infested with rats, but is unable to convince him. Bol tears apart the house looking for the apeth, which threatens the couple's chances of staying in the UK when Mark discovers the damage. However, this is fine with Rial, who tells Bol that she wants to leave. Bol locks Rial in the house before he summons the apeth himself, who calls him a thief and claiming that Bol has stolen a life that was not his to take. The apeth offers Bol a deal: his life for Nyagak's, but he outright refuses this offer, resulting in Bol being forced into a state of momentary catatonia out of anger.Rial manages to escape the house but finds herself inexplicably back in South Sudan in a familiar class room. She is reunited with old friends, who are revealed in a further flashback, to be victims of a horrendous massacre. Rial was able to survive by hiding. Bol finds her and the couple make their escape as violence grips the region, but find that a bus they need to board would only let people with children on. Desperate, Bol sees Nyagak in the crowd and abducts her, falsely claiming that she is their daughter. The couple get on the bus and escape, leaving Nyagak's real mother running behind the bus, as gunfire erupts. Later, many Africans are crossing a rough sea, when Nyagak and others fall overboard. Neither Bol nor Rial could reach her in time. Having accepted what they did, Bol decides to repay the debt to the apeth and tells Rial. Bol starts to let the apeth into his skin and Nyagak enters the room and returns to Rial. Rial chooses to save Bol instead of accepting this alternate reality, by slitting the apeth's throat.Later, Mark comes to inspect the house to find it repaired. Bol and Rial tell him they have chosen to stay and make it their new home. They say Rial killed the witch that haunted them, which Mark finds funny. Bol says they decided to live and go on with the ghosts of their past from South Sudan, including Nyagak.We see a vision of the couple in the doorway with other unknown immigrants, who look into another doorway full of people left behind. Then we see the couple standing in the doorway of their new home with a peaceful look in their eyes.
Cinematographer: Jo Willems
Producer: Ed King , Yariv Milchan , Aidan Elliott , Steven Schneider , Stuart Manashil , Eva Yates , Alden Dalia , Natalie Lehmann , Martin Gentles , Mark Huffam , Roy Lee , Arnon Milchan , Michael Schaefer
Production Manager: Tony Davis , James Smith , Jules Powell , Jonathan Scott , Mylan Stepanovich , Emma Zee
Art Direction: Thalia Ecclestone , Matt Fraser
Certificates: Argentina:16 , Australia:MA15+ , Brazil:16 , Canada:TV-14::(self-applied) , Ecuador:16::(self-applied) , France:16::(self-applied) , Germany:16::(self-applied) , Hong Kong:16+::(self-applied) , India:16::(self-applied) , Indonesia:16+::(self-applied) , Israel:16::(self-applied) , Italy:T::(self-applied) , Japan:R15+::(self-applied) , Mexico:TV-14::(self-applied) , Netherlands:16 , Philippines:16+::(self-applied) , Poland:16::(self-applied) , Singapore:NC16 , South Africa:13::(self-applied) , South Korea:15 , Spain:16::(self-applied) , Sweden:16+::(Netflix self-rating) , Taiwan:16+::(self-applied) , Turkey:16+::(self-applied) , United Kingdom:15 , United States:TV-14::(self-applied)
Composer: Roque Baños
Editor: Julia Bloch
Editorial Department: Victoria Bate , Begoña Lopez , Julio C. Perez IV , Sam Chynoweth , Nikola Boyanov , John Paul Ungaretti , Jason T. Morrow , Maikel Popic , Jonny Garbutt , Annalisa Boyd , Scott P. Fraser , Elliot Bick , Ian Mosedale , Robert Siddall , Jo Dale
Sound Crew: Hanse Warns , Nick Roberts , Adam Ridge , Markus Stemler , Tristan Rose , Ivor Talbot , Jen Annor , Helen Miles , Frank Barlow , Nick Freemantle , Robert Malone , Rebecca Heathcote , Kirsty Wright , Keith Morrison , Federico Costantini , Adam Bourne , Robby Brown , Alex Robson , Tatjana Tasic , Anthony Nolan , Adrian Bell , Peter Burgis , Scott Cannizzaro , Glenn Freemantle , Mark Heslop , Frank Kruse , Steve Little , Brendan Nicholson , Christoph Oertel , Richard Pryke , Carsten Richter , Kuen-Il Song
Visual Effects: Jean-Clement Soret , Stuart Partridge , Safiya Gili , Kate Auld , Christiant D'Alberto , Mia Lalanne , Gabrielle Joosten , Dan Churchill , Christopher Gray , Benjamin Perry , Saruta Puff Pisanwalerd , Gerard Dunleavy , Rick Harris , Chuan Jin , Joseph Taylor , Alex Drinkall , Matthew Thomas , Marc-Olivier Rouleau , Joseph Stenning , Marco Lee , Viral Patel , Mark Yfantidis , Alicia Saleh , Alexia Paterson , James M.H. Wong , Delphine Volny , Andrea Lazzarini , Nina Chlodnik , Nick Feldman , Jo Dale , Allen Maris , Pedro Sabrosa
Music Department: Ginés Carrión , Stephen Lipson , Christine Bergren , Tunde Jegede , Neil Stemp , Xavi Lozano , Antonio Sánchez Barranco , Tessy Díez , Catherine Grieves , Ken Burton , Ben Cherney , Louise Burton , Kwaku Agyemang , Phillip Yeboah , Laurence Ungless , Aba Taano Choir , Mark Lupescu , Olu Seidende , Paul Clarvis , Graham Sutton
Miscellaneous Crew: Lucy Whitton , Ian Creed , Andrew Hill , Samantha Gardner , Samuel Sharpe , Zabarjad Budgie Salam , Nazha Kajja , Richard Wild , Geraldine Atlee , Devis Damonte , Aziz Bousfiha , Emma Kayee , Victoria Colwill , James Fox , Andy Piers Morris , Kathrine Fail , Nabila Samih , Richard Jay , Alex Critchley , Daniel Rogers , Annabelle Hood , Hannah Shipley , Victoria Vanderlinden , Natalia Ibanez , George Telfer , Will Atlas , Matthew Moss , Alex John MacLean , Michael Bond , Ayo Akingbade , Victoria White , Amy Sparling , Milouda Bouih , Shuku Anderson , Ellen Whiston , Hector Andreu , Martin Ng Wong , Mawan Muortat , Kevin Greutert , Mark D. Houston
Thanks: Roxana Adle , John Hassay , Maddy Crowther , Michael Collins , Metifa Easmon George , Julia Reed , Paul Federbush , Elizabeth Rowin , Joe Walker
Other Companies: Abbey Road Studios , Casting Collective , Dune Films , Fatts , PMA Production , Season 1 , Sundance Film Festival , Team Engine , The Movie Lot , Tonstudio Hanse Warns , Universal Extras
Costume Designer: Holly Rebecca
Make Up: Horacio Martinez , Chris Lyons , Sangeet Prabhaker , Khadija Najahi , Andrea Leanza , Sara Menitra , Femi Konteh , Daniel Carrasco , Kessiah Arthur , Helena Card , Julian Hutcheson , Tamara Ramsey , Amie Turnbull , Toran Tanner , Nezha Aouis , Sharon Martin
Assistant Director: Glen Carroll , Toby Spanton , Mouhssine El Badaoui , Sara Harrak , Aissa Ouyous , Mina Mouiz , Talal El Moustaghfir , Charles Obaro , Isabelle Christiane Kouraogo , Amirkarim -Elbachari , Abdelghafar Essalfi , Nick Shuttleworth
Art Department: Garry Moore , Mark Earles , Felicity Hickson , Beau Vance , Neneh Lucia , Aoife McKim , Oz Gani , Adam Pescott , Emily Woodward , Sean Harland , David Pearce , Claire Strickland , Jack Hawthorn , William Wright , Betane Driss , Timeyin Jones , Nick Fenner , Mohamed El Barj , Imogen McGrath , Paul Gunner , Sophie Frances Coates , Georgia Fearnley , Nour El Houda Zyati , Soukaina Rezzak , Rob Bliss , Jo Hawthorne
Camera and Electrical Department: Simon Baker , Driss Marzak , Neil Tomlin , El Mokhtar Aboukal , Ben Appleton , Anthony Cupples , Jonathan Spencer , Dora Krolikowska , Jack Sands , Jamie Whickman , Steven Toft , Scot Gill , Sandra Pennington , Harry Gay , Youssef Ahbid , János Jack , Aidan Monaghan , Ian Dobbs , Yassine Abounouom , Anthony Willis , Nichola Pan Hao , Clare Seymour , Rob Osborne , Adam Forrest , Nick Gray , Scott Clooney , Dick Conway , Hassan Hajhouj , Nathan Mann , Peter Marsden , Sam Phillips
Costume Department: Rebecca Cunningham , Zineb El Idrissi , Jenny Jarvis , Othmane Ajana , Natasha Kutrovacz , Jessica Lennon , Jennifer Geach , Filipa Fabrica , Ruth Mongey , Rae Harrison Doyle , Fran Jegar , Jules Hindess , Sarah Deans
Production Design: Jacqueline Abrahams
Special Effects: Bernard Newton , Xavi Bastida , José M. Meneses , Laura Davison , Max Schoonraad , Ronnie Rackley , Fraser McKay , Hollie Arbones , Sam Stoll , Mohamed Ali Aqermim , Jason McCameron , Stefano Pepin , Nick P. Phillips , John Schoonraad , Richard Stanbury
Videos: Video 1
Script Department: Lucy Ward
Stunt Performer: Gary Arthurs , Ben Dimmock , Gordon Alexander , Faycal Attougui , Andy Pilgrim , Jason Curle , Abdellah Ouksih , Youssef Marchouki , Laurent Plancel , Rashid Phoenix , Brahim Boukhizzou , Karanja Augostos , Sofian Francis , André Layne , Thomas Billings , Maria Hippolyte , Martin Gordon , Ben Essex , Ace Ruele , Anton Simpson-Tidy , Peter Liddell , Abigail Coniah , Tommera Hendricks , Marvin Campbell , Marc Cass , Charles Jarman
Location Management: Souheil Hallaoui , Georgette Turner , Simon Cullen , Tabitha Denny-Northover , Jacqui Sweeney , Tom Davey , Luke Stevenson
Number of Seasons: Simon Jones , Khalid Smour , Michael Geary , Andrew James , Michael Kirkman , Steven Ribeiro , David Kipling
Seasons: Salah Benchegra , Carmen Cuba
Casting Department: Judith Sunga , Gemma Sykes , Saad Fekhari , Jamie Ember
Special Effects Companies: DDT Efectos Especiales , 9mm SFX , Framestore , Cheap Shot , Matter SFX