Hillbilly Fireworks


Hillbilly Fireworks


Year: 2011

Season: 1, Episode: 13

Episodes: 33

Plot: The Rednecks design the ultimate Fourth of July display - shooting off fireworks as well as other rocket-propelled patriotic displays. Using videogame consoles, Xmas light controllers, and homemade rockets, the boys launch farm animals, kitchen devices, reclining chairs and even a toilet seat rocket at a party that combines beer, patriotism and high explosives
Original Title: Hillbilly Fireworks
Producer: Vincent Lopez
Type: episode
Year: 2011
Genres: Reality-TV
Runtimes: 25
Original Air Date: 2011
Production Companies: Flight 33 Productions , National Geographic Channel
Cinematographer: Kip Robbins
Producer: Vincent Lopez
Production Manager: Emily Campbell
Editor: Kyle Yaskin
Editorial Department: Rod Decker , Heidi Putallaz , Daylin Zephier
Sound Crew: Thomas Morrison
Visual Effects: John R. McConnell , Steffen Schlachtenhaufen
Miscellaneous Crew: Mya Alexander , Jared Berezin , Johnny Stark
Animation Department: Dean Guiliotis
Camera and Electrical Department: John Winquist
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Number of Episodes: 33
Episode of: Hillbilly Fireworks