Heart of Fear
video movie

Heart of Fear

Director: Henri Charr

Year: 2006

Plot: Heart of Fear is a thriller full of surprises and suspense evolving from the heartwarming story of a young ambitious woman and a little boy in search of protection and love. It is the story of FBI Agent Samantha Hunt and 9 year-old Taylor Greene, who has just witnessed the cruel murder of his mother by a notorious serial killer. Samantha has to gain the boy's trust in order to get him to remember what he saw the night of the murder. However, a career driven and sharp police detective and a manipulating news reporter make it hard for Samantha to find her way into the boy's imprisoned mind. The race against time is on when letters from the killer indicate that Taylor is in imminent danger.—Anonymous
Original Title: Heart of Fear
Director: Henri Charr
Writer: Sree Scanda , Frank Agrama , Henri Charr , Jess Mancilla
Producer: Chris Hall , Frank Agrama , Henri Charr , Joanne Hoffman , Jess Mancilla , Arnold Peterson , Brad Sergi , Tony Tamraz
Type: video movie
Year: 2006
Genres: Thriller
Cast: Franco Lentini , Tim Fields , Crystal Stone , Eric Clarke , Haylee Vance , John Nikitin , Brandon Bassir , Steven Howard , CaroleAnne Johnson , Shevaun Kastl , Vanessa Ryan , Nicole Nogrady , Paul A. Brown , Annie Wood , Brad Sergi , Thomas Garner , Al Burke , David Wayne Campbell
Runtimes: 95
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color::(HD-cam)
Aspect Ratio: 4 x 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Stereo
Rating: 6.0
Votes: 76
Year: 2006
Akas: Miedo en el corazón (Spain) , Halálfélelem (Hungary)
Production Companies: Cinemotion Twenty-First Inc.
Distributors: Harmony Gold , Teleview International
Cinematographer: Arnold Peterson
Producer: Chris Hall , Frank Agrama , Henri Charr , Joanne Hoffman , Jess Mancilla , Arnold Peterson , Brad Sergi , Tony Tamraz
Production Manager: John Mazza
Art Direction: Gerard Marin
Box Office: $500,000 (estimated)
Composer: Patrick Kirst
Editor: Henri Charr , Jess Mancilla
Editorial Department: Brian Voelkerding , Keith Roush
Sound Crew: Greg Vossberg , Gabriel Heredia , John List , Justin Dzuban , Scott Bruzenak
Music Department: Glenn Morrissette , Scott Marcussen , Noah Gladstone
Miscellaneous Crew: Marie Anne Cote , Joel Henry , Martin Kalfs , Jorge Gomez , Kevin Senior , Maria Webster , Kansas Starr
Other Companies: Avilon Audio , IndieClear
Costume Designer: Kelly Kwon
Make Up: Bruna Nogueira
Assistant Director: Chris Hall , Melissa Leonard , Haylee Vance
Art Department: Valerie Kemp
Camera and Electrical Department: Jorge Gomez , Brenda Del Villar
Production Design: Kyle Schuneman
Special Effects: Al Burke
Script Department: Audrey Norris