Grown Ups

Grown Ups

Director: Dom Campbell

Season: 1, Episode: 1

Episodes: 10

Plot: Bug is an 8 year old hacker who experiences unusual powers that lead to strange situations. After working on a video game that creates a power outage, he quickly realizes that something is missing..
Director: Dom Campbell
Writer: Dom Campbell
Producer: Dom Campbell , Ashley Campbell
Type: episode
Genres: Family, Sci-Fi
Cast: Cassaundria Robinson , Dewayne J. Campbell , Baylor Zupancic , Logan Webb , Avonna Mullins , Savannah Eaton , Alianna Campbell , Aliyahanna Victoria , Olivia Johnson
Cinematographer: Parker Bowling , Samuel Iles
Producer: Dom Campbell , Ashley Campbell
Editor: Dom Campbell
Sound Crew: José Ballón
Miscellaneous Crew: Karly-Paige Im
Assistant Director: Nicholas Patten , Adam Clark
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Number of Episodes: 10
Episode of: Grown Ups
Production Status: completed
Production Status Updated: 25 Dec 2021