Year: 2005

Season: 1, Episode: 17

Episodes: 30

Plot: Abdullah bin Yasin is martyred after fighting the Barghoata tribe to the grief of the Marabouts. The King of Cordoba Ibn Jahour fears for his kingdom due to the growing greed of the Andalusian kings, his fear signalled by his request for help from King Al-Mu'tamid.—suzan talouza
Original Title: Greed
Producer: Talal Al Awamleh , Adnan Al Awamleh
Type: episode
Year: 2005
Genres: Drama, History
Cast: Fethi Haddaoui
Original Air Date: 2005
Production Companies: Arab Telemedia Productions
Producer: Talal Al Awamleh , Adnan Al Awamleh
Season: 1
Episode: 17
Number of Episodes: 30
Episode of: Greed