Great Train Escape/Tree Horse


Great Train Escape/Tree Horse

Director: Rajiv Chilaka

Season: 4, Episode: 7

Episodes: 634

Plot: Bheem decides to take his friends on a joyride. He takes then on a train ride across the jungle. Once aboard the kids start enjoying the train journey. But soon, they come to know that the train is being kidnapped by a group of dacoits; Bheem and team build a treehouse. But as it nears completion, a strange phenomena occurs every night as someone/something damages it.
Director: Rajiv Chilaka
Writer: Rajiv Chilaka , Seeta , Richa Deo
Producer: Rajiv Chilaka , Samir Jain
Type: episode
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Cast: Julie Tejwani , Sabina Malik Mausam , Kaustav Ghosh , Rajesh Kava
Runtimes: 22
Producer: Rajiv Chilaka , Samir Jain
Composer: Sunil Kaushik , Raj
Editor: Nagaraju Kotte
Music Department: Raj
Thanks: Raj
Season: 4
Episode: 7
Number of Episodes: 634
Episode of: Great Train Escape/Tree Horse