Golden Boyd

Golden Boyd

Director: James Burrows

Year: 1989

Season: 7, Episode: 13

Episodes: 271

Plot: Rebecca is asked once again by one of the corporate bigwigs to organize a party. This time, Vice-President Walter Gaines wants her to organize a luncheon at his house as a European homecoming for his daughter Kelly. Rebecca drags along Sam and Woody to tend bar. Sam has a great time as he figures out the way to big tips is to use his ex-celebrity status. Woody doesn't have as good a time as he butts heads with Kelly's boyfriend Nash, the two taking an instant dislike to each other. It goes as far as them making a date for a fight at Cheers the following day. What transpires can't really be called a fight. Kelly finds out about the fight and comes to the bar, although she's too late to stop it. Sam, Carla and finally Woody think that Woody dating Kelly would be a good way to get back at Nash. He goes about it the old fashioned way by asking Mr. Gaines for his permission. Although Mr. Gaines admires Woody's old fashioned approach, he basically laughs at Woody for his presumption. But to Woody's surprise, Kelly, who's opinion is the one who really counts, decides to go out with Woody as she feels under-appreciated by Nash. Kelly and Woody end up having a nice date, the event which is for Kelly unfamiliar territory. Despite doing it just to prove a point to Nash, Kelly has to decide if Woody and her date ended up being "just a point".—Huggo
Original Title: Golden Boyd
Director: James Burrows
Writer: Glen Charles , Les Charles , James Burrows , Cheri Steinkellner , Bill Steinkellner
Producer: Tim Berry , James Burrows , Glen Charles , Les Charles , Mary Fukuto , Bill Steinkellner , Cheri Steinkellner , Phoef Sutton
Type: episode
Year: 1989
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Gary Bergher , Joseph Paz , Lorine Mendell , Lemuel Perry , Fritz Hess , Lee Allen , Don Terwilliger , Gayle Frank , Don Bennett , Joseph Madrid , Larry Guthrie , Ted Danson , Kirstie Alley , Rhea Perlman , John Ratzenberger , Woody Harrelson , Kelsey Grammer , George Wendt , Jackie Swanson , Tyrone Power Jr. , Richard Doyle , Vaughn Armstrong , Josef Rainer , Susan Avants , Renna Bogdanowicz , Joan Carey , Lee Faranda , Joyce Goldman , Philip Perlman , Mark Reilly , Al Rosen , Michael Sax , Rebecca Soladay
Runtimes: 30
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Stereo
Original Air Date: 09 Feb 1989
Rating: 8.1
Votes: 455
Year: 1989
Akas: Golden Boyd (United States)
Production Companies: Charles/Burrows/Charles Productions , Paramount Television
Distributors: National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Synopsis: Rebecca is incensed when the company asks her to host a party for the European homecoming of VP Walter Gaines' daughter, Kelly.Rebecca recruits Sam and Woody to tend bar at the social gathering. While Sam manages to pocket some hefty tips (convincing several rich patrons that he'a a ballplayer fallen on hard times), Woody ticks off Kelly's boyfriend Nash with his country-boy talk. Pretty soon, the two are set to fight, when Sam breaks it up. Even so, the two still want to have it out, and Woody suggests they do so at Cheers the next day.The next day, Nash shows up, and he and Woody head to the Pool room to fight. However, it only takes Nash one punch to knock Woody out.After Nash leaves, Kelly shows up, and apologizes for his behavior. Woody wonders how he can get back at Nash, and decides that a proper revenge would be to date Kelly.Woody goes to Kelly's father Walter to gain permission, but is denied, before Nash shows up to belittle Woody again, and play tennis with Walter.After they leave, Woody asks Kelly if she would like to go on a date. She then decides that Nash seems to always be treatibg her like his property, and decides to go on a date with Woody.Woody's idea of a date is to take Kelly to a 'monster truck and tractor pull,' but Kelly still has a great time. Nash soon shows up at the bar later, and claims that Kelly most likely went out with Woody to prove some kind of point. Nash promises to change his ways, and he and Kelly leave.Sam and the other encourage Woody to go after Kelly, but Kelly ends up returning on her own, claiming she had more fun with Woody.
Cinematographer: John Finger
Producer: Tim Berry , James Burrows , Glen Charles , Les Charles , Mary Fukuto , Bill Steinkellner , Cheri Steinkellner , Phoef Sutton
Production Manager: Linda McMurray , Richard Villarino
Art Direction: Dahl Delu
Certificates: United States:TV-PG , United States:13+::(Common Sense Media) , United States:TV-14
Composer: Craig Safan
Editor: Andy Ackerman
Sound Crew: Robert Crosby , David Scharf
Music Department: Judy Hart-Angelo , Gary Portnoy , Chips Swanson , Malcolm McNab
Miscellaneous Crew: David Reid , Kerstin Robbins-Fares , Don Terwilliger , Don Bennett , Rick Beren , Danielle Bodenhorn , Bruce Bryant , James Castle , Peter Chakos , Christine Connor , Ahuva Fogel , Sheila Guthrie , Sue Herring , Carol Johnsen , David Lloyd , Lori A. Moneymaker , Carol Navratil , Brian Pollack , Mert Rich , Russell Sherman , Barry Zajac , Susan Avants , Joan Carey , Michael Sax
Other Companies: Hollywood Caterers , Laser Edit , Panavision
Make Up: Bruce Hutchinson , Marilyn Patricia Phillips
Assistant Director: Brian James Ellis , Thomas Lofaro
Art Department: Tom Burzinski , Bob Skemp
Camera and Electrical Department: Donald Lewis , Gary Armstrong , Frank Detone Jr.
Set Decoration: Laura Richarz
Costume Department: Daniel Weinberg , Cheryl Beasley Blackwell , Robert L. Tanella
Script Department: Bob Ellison , Gabrielle James
Number of Seasons: Gina August
Seasons: Jeff Greenberg
Casting Department: Stephen Kolzak
Season: 7
Episode: 13
Number of Episodes: 271
Episode of: Golden Boyd