Gold Picker


Gold Picker


Year: 1965

Season: 1, Episode: 13

Episodes: 27

Plot: A train carrying a load of gold is robbed by two master criminals named Porker and Dr. Dapper. Dr. Dapper has invented a special magnet, that will attract only gold! He calls it "The Gold Picker"! Prince Planet and his friends are determined to bring Porker and Dr. Dapper to justice -- but to do it, they must overcome these two large criminals, their organization, and Prince Planet's old enemy, Warlock! Can they do it, as they face The Gold Picker?—mgm
Original Title: Gold Picker
Type: episode
Year: 1965
Genres: Animation, Action, Family, Sci-Fi
Original Air Date: 1965
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Number of Episodes: 27
Episode of: Gold Picker