Gifting Duty

Gifting Duty

Director: Jack Magus

Year: 2022

Season: 1, Episode: 3

Episodes: 5

Plot: Kelsang's faith in Yun's Avatarhood begins to waiver after Kyoshi recites a poem he found eerily familiar. Yun confides in Kyoshi about his real thoughts on his meeting with Tagaka.
Original Title: Gifting Duty
Director: Jack Magus
Writer: Jack Magus , F.C. Yee , Jojo Neal , Kieran Adler , Michael Dante DiMartino
Type: episode
Year: 2022
Genres: Animation, Fantasy
Cast: James Dijit , Zachary Roth , Falon Echo , Anna Pisarka , Melledoneus
Original Air Date: 18 Mar 2022
Composer: Jerome Janzen
Editor: Jack Magus
Sound Crew: Jack Magus
Thanks: Bryan Konietzko , F.C. Yee , Doctor End , Michael Dante DiMartino
Art Department: Kkachi95 , Jojo Neal , Cosmigdraghon , _Jewel_Art_ , JeiiyCat
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Number of Episodes: 5
Episode of: Gifting Duty