tv series



Year: 2021

Seasons: 1

Plot: University student Bipul, accused of killing his friend Faisal for extorting an amount of money. Inspector Shihab is assigned the responsibility to solve the case. This content is available in Binge.
Original Title: Ghola
Writer: Tanim Parvez , Hasanat Bin Matin
Type: tv series
Year: 2021
Genres: Crime, Drama
Cast: Nadia Ahmed , Yash Rohan , Nisha Chowdhury , Shelly Ahsan , Fs Nayeem
Runtimes: 25
Countries: Bangladesh
Languages: Bangla
Color Info: Color::(Full HD)
Rating: 7.9
Votes: 12
Year: 2021
Akas: Ghola (Bangladesh)
Number of Seasons: 1
Series Years: 2021-