Director: Brock Isbell

Year: 2021

Season: 13, Episode: 5

Episodes: 102

Plot: Three teams battle it out in the coldest and most remote location to date -- Talkeetna, Alaska. In a scavenger hunt for a local favorite, chaga mushrooms, the competitors strategize to win varying amounts of money to spend on supplies. Tyler Florence is forced to give some harsh feedback and issues a challenge to help them turn things around. The food truck teams can almost taste victory as elimination decides the final two teams of the competition.—Food Network Website
Original Title: Frostbite
Director: Brock Isbell
Producer: Ashley Adelman , Sesean Bridges , Joe Burk
Type: episode
Year: 2021
Genres: Game-Show, Reality-TV
Cast: Tyler Florence , Kali Cowen , Harry Poole , Kate Wurtzel , April Northdurft , Drew Cowen , Nela Edwards , Nadia Ahmed , Misti Buard , D'Ambria Jacobs , Michael East , Ronan
Original Air Date: 04 Apr 2021
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 12
Year: 2021
Cinematographer: Brock Isbell
Producer: Ashley Adelman , Sesean Bridges , Joe Burk
Certificates: United States:TV-G
Editor: Gwendalina Sputore
Editorial Department: Derek Klein , Logan Huggins
Sound Crew: Derek Bongaarts
Miscellaneous Crew: DeVron Randle
Camera and Electrical Department: Jay Massone , Brock Isbell , Jessica Le
Production Design: Matthew Harvey
Seasons: Rachel Kroes
Casting Department: Kristen Rinella , Lisa Visagie , Courtney Brandon
Season: 13
Episode: 5
Number of Episodes: 102
Episode of: Frostbite