Director: David Boyd

Year: 2015

Season: 5, Episode: 13

Episodes: 177

Plot: As Deanna throws a party for the new arrivals, Carol comes up with a plan to get the group's weapons back. Meanwhile, Daryl bonds with Aaron, and Sasha struggles to cope.
Original Title: Forget
Director: David Boyd
Writer: Corey Reed , Charlie Adlard , Robert Kirkman , Tony Moore , Frank Darabont
Producer: Denise M. Huth , Corey Reed , Kenneth Requa , Angela Kang , David Alpert , Seth Hoffman , Channing Powell , Robert Kirkman , Heather Bellson , Jolly Dale , Paul Gadd , Scott M. Gimple , Gale Anne Hurd , Tom Luse , Matthew Negrete , Greg Nicotero , Caleb Womble
Type: episode
Year: 2015
Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Cast: Alexandra Breckenridge , Corey Brill , Michael Traynor , Alanna Masterson , Tiffany Morgan , April Billingsley , Christian Serratos , Lauren Cohan , Ann Mahoney , Danai Gurira , Tyler James Williams , David Silverman , Daniel Bonjour , Ross Marquand , Emily Kinney , Sonequa Martin-Green , Steven Yeun , Josh McDermitt , Jordan Woods-Robinson , Chandler Riggs , Austin Abrams , Major Dodson , Maia Moss-Fife , Mandi Christine Kerr , Stacy Payne , Elijah Marcano , Ben Bladon , Helen Jackson , Curtis Jackson , Jon Buckhouse , Andrew Lincoln , Norman Reedus , Melissa McBride , Michael Cudlitz , Chad L. Coleman , Seth Gilliam , Tovah Feldshuh , Austin Nichols , Jason Douglas , Steve Coulter , Susie Spear Purcell , Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
Runtimes: 42
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Original Air Date: 08 Mar 2015
Rating: 7.9
Votes: 10811
Year: 2015
Akas: Forget (United States)
Production Companies: Idiot Box Productions , Circle of Confusion , Valhalla Motion Pictures , AMC Studios
Distributors: American Movie Classics (AMC) , 3+ , 4+ , Amazon Instant Video , Amazon Prime Video , Disney+ , FOX , Fox Channel , Fox , Google Play , HBO Nordic , IPA Asia Pacific , Joyn , Netflix , ProSieben Fun , RTL II , RTL Zwei , RTL2 , iTunes
Synopsis: The episode opens with Sasha unable to sleep. She stares at the family photos in her new home. The next day she grabs a gun and goes out shooting. She sets up those photos as targets and destroys them all.Rick, Carol and Daryl meet in secret outside the walls. They discuss the lack of security at the home where the city's large weapons cache is being held. They want to steal a few guns in case they need them down the road. After killing several walkers they notice what appears to be the letter 'W' on their foreheads.Rick and Michonne talk about what it means that outsiders have been handed the authority of "constable." They wonder if perhaps Deanna has something up her sleeve.After Daryl spots Aaron walking nearby, the two end up hunting together.Later Deanna tells Rick and Michonne that as the city grows it will need a police force. She wants them to help start it. Rick expresses concerns about Alexandria's lack of security. Deanna won't allow people to be armed inside the walls, but agrees to start using the clock tower for regular observation. Deanna says she'll let Sasha have the post, but only if she attends a reception she's hosting that night in honor of the new arrivals.Rick and Carol plan that she should slip out of Deanna's during the event and go to the armory.While on the hunt Daryl and Aaron spot a horse. Aaron has been trying to catch the animal for months. Daryl very nearly gets a lead over the horse's neck before being interrupted by walkers.While getting ingredients for the cookies she's making for the party Carol unlocks the window near the guns.Still out on the hunt, Aaron suggests Daryl should go to Deanna's party to let people get to know him. He's not interested.Deanna's party begins. Rick is introduced to Reg, Deanna's husband. He's impressed with the way Rick has been able to lead his group. People gradually start to show up and Rick is very aware when Jesse and her family arrive.The horse ends up trapped in a pen with a group of walkers. Daryl and Aaron kill several of them but are unable to save the animal. Aaron is emotional at its passing and this doesn't escape Daryl's notice. Daryl passes on the party, but Aaron invites him for dinner at his place.Jessie introduces Rick to her doctor husband Pete. He doesn't seem to be the nicest of guys. Jessie lays out for Rick her rather optimistic philosophy of what has happened. She points out that while everybody suffered, "we got something back." Rick meets Jessie's younger son, Sam. He stamps the back of Rick's hand with an 'A' that look remarkably like the 'W' stamps on the walkers.Sasha introduces herself to Deanna's son Spencer. He attempts friendly small talk but she abruptly walks away.After dinner Aaron shows Daryl his garage. The previous owner was a motorcycle enthusiast. There is a bike and dozens of parts. Aaron knows Daryl used to ride and says he'll need a bike, as he thinks Daryl should take over as one of Alexandria's recruiters. He thinks Daryl, unlike Rick, "knows the difference between a good person and a bad person."While getting guns at the armory Carol is surprised by Sam, who followed her from the party in the hopes she was getting more cookies. When he mentions that he tells his mother everything, Carol very calmly threatens that if mentions what he saw to Jessie she'll take him from his bed one night and leave him outside the walls for the walkers.Rick and Jessie continue to talk. A connection is growing, and when she hands Judith back to him Rick kisses him on the cheek.Deanna tries to get Sasha to join in the conversation. Once again a resident makes innocent small talk and Sasha can't handle it. She is upset at the mundane nature of the people's worries and walks out. The next morning Sasha tells Deanna that the town "isn't real." Deanna tells her "that's BS."At their next covert meeting Carol hands out guns to Rick and Daryl. Daryl passes on taking one, saying he's going to try and be part of the new group.Michonne ceremoniously hangs her sword on the wall above her fireplace.Rick sees Jessie and her husband walking home and briefly touches the gun in his waistband. The episode ends with Rick hearing a walker outside the wall near his house. He walks up and places his hand on the wall.
Cinematographer: Michael E. Satrazemis
Producer: Denise M. Huth , Corey Reed , Kenneth Requa , Angela Kang , David Alpert , Seth Hoffman , Channing Powell , Robert Kirkman , Heather Bellson , Jolly Dale , Paul Gadd , Scott M. Gimple , Gale Anne Hurd , Tom Luse , Matthew Negrete , Greg Nicotero , Caleb Womble
Production Manager: Leslie Jacobowitz , Tom Luse
Art Direction: Doug Fick
Certificates: Argentina:18 , Australia:MA15+ , Brazil:16 , Finland:K-16/13 , Germany:16 , Netherlands:16 , Singapore:M18::(DVD-R Rating) , United Kingdom:18 , United States:TV-MA , United States:TV-MA::(Season 3-present) , United States:TV-MA::(TV rating) , United States:TV-MA::(new rating)
Composer: Bear McCreary
Editor: Julius Ramsay
Editorial Department: D.C. Cardinali , Ron Heidt , James Michael Crawford , Steve Shireman , Joel Griffen , Jeremiah Drueke , Tiffany Renee Shreve , Nels Carlson , Olivia Wyrick
Sound Crew: Joseph Tsai , Michael P. Clark , Robert Maxfield , Dan Hiland , Gary D. Rogers , Jerry Ross , Damon Cohoon , Greg Crawford , Robert Edwards , Tim Farrell
Visual Effects: Diego Galtieri , Daniel Kumiega , John Pierce , Josh Bryson , Edward Paul Yu , Brandon Gonzales , Kristen Pelz , Daniel Berkowitz , Jorge Sanchez , Ilgi Candar Dyer , Kevin Harger , Brad Lucas , Victor Scalise , Michael Enriquez
Music Department: Steve Kaplan , Laurence Schwarz , Jessica Rae Huber , Jason Akers , Ryan Sanchez , Omer Ben-Zvi , Melissa Axel , Sam Ewing , Olivia Blissett , Michael Baber , Thomas Golubic , Peter Rotter
Miscellaneous Crew: Kim Ronstadt , Dirk Rogers , Jason Gold , Andrea Flader , Nick Orsini , Greg Rothstein , Kaitlin Buck , Lea Enslin , Merci Navarro , Evan Jackson , Drew Whitehouse , Alex Coley Brown , Franchesca Winters , Britt Dvorak , Amy Tippit , Alissa Koeppe , A.J. Austin , Lauren Lieb , Stacy Levendusky , Clayton Thompson , Meg Jay , Kirk Riley , Jessica Drake , Laura Sevier , Tommie Turvey , Drew Brown , Michelle Pinkney
Other Companies: Mario's Catering , Stalwart Films , Warner Bros. Post Production Services , Raleigh Studios Atlanta , Entertainment Clearances , Mad Old Nut Productions , MTI Film , State of Georgia , American Humane Association , Panavision
Costume Designer: Eulyn Colette Hufkie
Make Up: Kerrin Jackson , Dirk Rogers , Essie Cha , Steve Katz , Michael Broom , Nikki Bell , Veronica Owens , Melissa Ramirez , Howard Berger , Mitch Devane , Alex Diaz , Jake Garber , Garrett Immel , Carey Jones , Taylor Knight , Greg Nicotero , Andy Schoneberg , Kevin Wasner , John Wheaton , Michael S. Pack , Cristina Patterson
Assistant Director: Spencer Jarvis , Matthew Goodwin , Jeffrey F. January
Art Department: Matthew Mahany , Konrad Lewis , Jenn Moye , Andi Crumbley , Drew Sanders , William Gantt , Lucas Godfrey , Brad Carey , Omar Foster , Denette West , John Hair , Randy Lewallen , Shawn Upthegrove , Heather Hutton , Sidrah Mahmood , Kurtis Campbell , Larry Jay Ertley , Chad Carlson , Grant R. Hicks , John Sanders
Camera and Electrical Department: Reid Andrews , Matthew McGinn , Brandon Swain , Jeff Harkes , Matthew Horn , Matt Byrnes , David Iverson , Claire Busic , Melanie A. Ragone , Ryan Naylor , Joshua McCready , Lauren Gentry , Kevin Gentry , Nick Fernandez , Ellie Evans , David Galbraith , Bruce Robinson , Robert Veliky , Robert C. Carlson , Marvin Haven , R. Derek Keener , Gene Page
Set Decoration: Kristen Donaldson
Costume Department: Tiffany Verch , Meredith Coats , Megan Cash , Kristina E. Taylor , Laura Reinker , Lori Seidler , Hollis G. Smith , Maegan Robinson
Production Design: Graham 'Grace' Walker
Special Effects: Ashley Pullins , Robert Trammell
Videos: Video 1 , Video 2
Script Department: Amy Blanc Lacy
Stunt Performer: Christopher Tardieu , Scott Loeser , Nick DeKay , Monty L. Simons , Marijane Cole , Ian Eyre , Karin Justman , Keith Meriweather
Location Management: Chris Dodge , Daniel F. Green , Matt Beaty , Sara K. Sheets , Alex Lee Corbit , Afton White , Elias Gause , Andre' Balderamos , Hannah Laster , Adrienne Bugbee , Mike Riley
Number of Seasons: Andy G. Strauss , Roger Watson , Ronald George Diaz
Seasons: Gohar Gazazyan , Sherry Thomas
Casting Department: Kimberly Wistedt , Craig Fincannon , Lisa Mae Fincannon
Season: 5
Episode: 13
Number of Episodes: 177
Episode of: Forget
Special Effects Companies: KNB EFX Group , Stargate Studios