Forever Boys
tv movie

Forever Boys

Director: Adam B. Stein

Year: 2016

Plot: Follows three brothers, played by the real life band Forever In Your Mind, who were bitten by a vampire during their debut concert in 1957. After living in the shadows for over half a century to keep their vampire-identities a secret, they meet a music producer who convinces them to reemerge as a vampire boy band. Now, on track to become stars, the boys are excited to breathe new life into their music career while trying to live as normal teenagers.—Anonymous
Original Title: Forever Boys
Director: Adam B. Stein
Writer: Joseph Raso , Bob Smiley , David Light
Producer: Adam B. Stein , Bob Smiley , Carrie Morrow
Type: tv movie
Year: 2016
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
Cast: Kylee Russell , Ethan Dizon , Sofia Rosinsky , Ricky Garcia , Brec Bassinger , Emery Kelly , William Viriato , Liam Attridge , Adriel Lara-cea , Eric Nenninger
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 2016 (USA)
Rating: 8.9
Votes: 25
Year: 2016
Production Companies: Hot Rock Media , It's a Laugh Productions
Distributors: Disney Channel
Cinematographer: Christian Sebaldt
Producer: Adam B. Stein , Bob Smiley , Carrie Morrow
Production Manager: Zach Clawson , Carrie Morrow
Art Direction: Elizabeth Cummings
Editor: Rick Weis
Editorial Department: Ben Boles , Julia MacMullen , Jesús Borrego , Tiago Barros
Sound Crew: Jason Oliver , Sean Madsen , Brandon Walz , Phillip Bladh
Visual Effects: Ron Crabb , Jennie Bozic
Music Department: Eric Goldman
Miscellaneous Crew: Gustavo Peña , Sergio Medina , Kelly Koczkur , Mackenzie K. Wertman , Michael Collins
Other Companies: Avon Studio Transportation , Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment , Exchange Communications , Mosquito Productions , Stiner/Block Casting
Costume Designer: Joyce Kim Lee
Make Up: Abby Lyle , Jamie Hess , Courtney Ullrich , Erica Preus , Meghan Heaney
Art Department: Tommy Gutman , Curtis Laseter
Camera and Electrical Department: Matthew T. Kelly , John C. Reyes , Nicholas H. Martin , Josh Knepper , David Palmieri , Matthew Pearce
Set Decoration: Jennifer Giron
Costume Department: Alice Pico , Natalia Gogatz
Production Design: Ian Phillips
Special Effects: Wayne Burnes
Script Department: Elizabeth Seaford
Location Management: Kristina Santoro , James Parker , Gavin Baustian
Number of Seasons: Beau D. Reed Sr. , Joseph Jaimes
Seasons: Barbie Block , Sally Stiner
Casting Department: Katherine Bowman , Cristina Olcomendy , Samantha Marzec