Flopsee and Buttercup

Flopsee and Buttercup

Director: Freddie Connor

Year: 2019

Plot: After 25 years as a professional clown, Flopsee develops stage fright and is booed at a children's birthday party. Accused of "going number two" in his pants and fired from the clowning agency, Flopsee refuses to take his costume off. Despite couples therapy and ultimatums from his wife, he pushes his marriage to the brink. Clinically depressed, he lies in bed all day. On the rare occasions when Flopsee leaves the house, he has vicious custard pie fights with the local clowns.
Original Title: Flopsee and Buttercup
Director: Freddie Connor
Writer: Freddie Connor , Scott MacCallum , Ralph Scott
Producer: Freddie Connor , Sheraiah Larcher , Katherine Meyer
Type: movie
Year: 2019
Genres: Short, Comedy, Drama
Cast: Jane Mowder , Freddie Connor , Kristina Kopf , Heather Caldwell , Mark Hale Jr. , Todd Covert , Audrey Stoneberg , Collin Grubbs , Carter Anderson , Eli Wilson , Jake Satow , Sasha Stanfield , Alli Hale , Justin Lord , Matt Magilligan , Brett Muncy , Ciera Woods , Samantha Turner , Grace Mashensic , Jules West , Riley Berryman , Arman Arora , Matthew Fang , Sofia Pons , Corinne Tansky , Bella Murphy , Nola Sexton , Katy Martin , Francesca Chauvin , Jadyn Cash , Cam Holland , Aubrianna Worley , Adithya Menon , Corrine Anderson , Luci Sanders , Callan Kajdasz , Ralph Scott
Runtimes: 17
Countries: United States , United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Rating: 9.4
Votes: 55
Year: 2019
Production Companies: FineLight Films
Cinematographer: Dan Parsons
Producer: Freddie Connor , Sheraiah Larcher , Katherine Meyer
Composer: Deborah Mollison
Editor: Christopher Key
Editorial Department: Christopher Key , Michelle Cort , Arturo M. Antolín
Sound Crew: Robin Gulcher , Chris Cope
Music Department: Erik Jordan
Miscellaneous Crew: Dan Buckley , Scott MacCallum , Khadifa Wong , Melissa Slagle , Meg Teaford , Samantha Turner , Robyn Stype
Thanks: Jumaan Zizzari , Max Groah , Evy Barry , Luca Matteo Zizzari , Hywel John , Brenden Lovett , Alex McKain , Ori Segev , Robert Bates , Chad J. Willett , Elizabeth Cooksey , Beverly McPherson , Lucia Dunn , Vincent Roscigno
Make Up: Suzanne Camilli , Mary Sink
Camera and Electrical Department: Taylor Tigner , Mikaya Collins , Marc Ritchey
Script Department: Scott MacCallum
Stunt Performer: Dan Buckley