Finding the Fallen
tv series

Finding the Fallen


Year: 2005

Seasons: 2

Original Title: Finding the Fallen
Type: tv series
Year: 2005
Genres: Documentary
Cast: Gary Neumann , Ryan Browne , Michael James Regan , Matthew Mease , Julian Richings
Runtimes: 47
Countries: Canada
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Sound Mix: Stereo
Rating: 7.8
Votes: 10
Year: 2005
Akas: Finding the Fallen (Canada)
Production Companies: Yap Films
Distributors: Digi World , Discovery Channel , History Channel
Certificates: Australia:PG
Other Companies: Bullseye Post & Animation
Special Effects: Bullseye Post & Animation
Number of Seasons: 2
Series Years: 2005-