Final Faction
tv series

Final Faction


Year: 2020

Seasons: 1

Plot: In the year 2050, after an asteroid damages Earth's moon, an ancient alien race awakens and begins raiding Earth for its resources. An elite team of soldiers is dispatched to fight them off.
Original Title: Final Faction
Writer: Toby Osborne , Elizabeth Schwartz
Type: tv series
Year: 2020
Genres: Animation, Action, Comedy
Cast: Keith Silverstein , Patrick Seitz , Katelyn Gault , Imari Williams , Rebeka Thomas , Daman Mills , Chris Hackney , Billy Kametz , Kellen Goff , Zeno Robinson
Countries: South Korea , United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Rating: 8.3
Votes: 20
Year: 2020
Akas: Final Faction (South Korea)
Production Companies: Rouge Productions
Number of Seasons: 1
Series Years: 2020-