Fight with Piccolo

Fight with Piccolo


Year: 2000

Season: 5, Episode: 4

Episodes: 277

Plot: With Piccolo infected by the Black Water Mist and Kami trapped in a glass bottle, Garlic Jr. allows his Spice Boys to "have sport" with Earth's heroic defenders. Will Spice's energy blast finish off Krillin for good?
Original Title: Fight with Piccolo
Writer: Akira Toriyama
Producer: Kôzô Morishita
Type: episode
Year: 2000
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cast: Daphne Gere , Dale Kelly , Rocío Garcel , John Freeman , Stephanie Nadolny , Christopher Sabat , Sonny Strait , Chuck Huber , Mark Britten , Dylan Thompson , Bart Myer , Mike McFarland
Runtimes: 24
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Original Air Date: 29 Apr 2000
Rating: 7.5
Votes: 1395
Year: 2000
Production Companies: Fuji TV
Producer: Kôzô Morishita
Certificates: India:U::(Cartoon Network) , United States:TV-PG , United States:TV-14
Composer: Bruce Faulconer
Sound Crew: Rusty Dunn
Music Department: Thierry Malet , Bruce Faulconer
Animation Department: Minoru Maeda
Season: 5
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 277
Episode of: Fight with Piccolo