Fear of What's Under the Bed (Sublectumphobia)


Fear of What's Under the Bed (Sublectumphobia)

Director: Luke Jurevicius

Season: 1, Episode: 33

Episodes: 39

Plot: It's Figaro's bedtime, but he's not relaxed. Not only is he petrified of what's under his bed, he's also in dire need of a new one! After another sleepless night Figaro decides it's time to take action.
Director: Luke Jurevicius
Type: episode
Genres: Animation, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Cast: Luke Jurevicius
Production Companies: Ambience Entertainment , Chocolate Liberation Front
Production Manager: David Ngo
Editorial Department: Michael Darren
Visual Effects: Stefan P. Gillard
Other Companies: HW Wood
Animation Department: Guillaume Zimmer , Daniel Waters
Art Department: Brendan Deboy
Season: 1
Episode: 33
Number of Episodes: 39
Episode of: Fear of What's Under the Bed (Sublectumphobia)