Family Matters, Part 2

Family Matters, Part 2

Director: Chad Lowe

Year: 2021

Season: 7, Episode: 11

Episodes: 184

Plot: Barry and Iris come together to try and stop a dangerous force from destroying Central City.
Original Title: Family Matters, Part 2
Director: Chad Lowe
Writer: Andrew Kreisberg , Jonathan Butler , Thomas Pound , Jeff Hersh , Emily Palizzi , Christina M. Walker , Joshua V. Gilbert , Gabriel Alejandro Garza , Jess Carson , Greg Berlanti , Geoff Johns
Producer: Sarah Schechter , Jonathan Butler , Thomas Pound , Scott Sebert , Gabriel Alejandro Garza , Sam Chalsen , Dani Dornfeld , Lauren Barnett , Kristen Kim , Greg Berlanti , Joseph Patrick Finn , Geoff Garrett , Jennifer Lence , Carl Ogawa , Eric Wallace , Kelly Wheeler
Type: episode
Year: 2021
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Cast: Leanne Buchanan , Danielle Panabaker , Ennis Esmer , Jon Cor , Grant Gustin , Candice Patton , Sam Smith , Victoria Park , Kayla Compton , Carlos Valdes , Christian Magby , Sara Garcia , Brandon McKnight , Devon Jones , Danielle Nicolet , Jesse L. Martin , Michelle Harrison
Runtimes: 42
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD
Sound Mix: Stereo
Original Air Date: 25 May 2021
Rating: 5.8
Votes: 1683
Year: 2021
Akas: Family Matters, Part 2 (United States)
Production Companies: Berlanti Productions , DC Entertainment , Warner Bros. Television , WarnerMedia
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Synopsis: Barry kneels and looks at Iris, dead. Her body, along with Bashir and Alexa disappear and then reappear behind Barry. Barry hugs Iris, and Iris asks Bashir what he did. He says that he wanted to protect them all, so he created an illusion that they were all did. Alexa realizes that Bashir was just trying to save himself, and Barry wonders why Nora would attack Iris. iris figures that Nora sees her as competition.In the control room, Cisco and Chester report that they haven't been able to detect Nora on the satellites. Barry figures that Nora will eventually work out that Bashir and Alexa are dead. Iris figures they should hide them, and Barry suggests that they hide them off Earth. He'll take them to a dead zone in the past where Nora didn't exist. Iris insists on going with them,At the West house, Cecile puts her son to bed and joins Joe in the living room. Joe is watching the news about the storm hitting Central City, and Joe tells Cecile that multiple lightning strikes took out a wall at Iron Heights. Two dozen inmates escaped most of the metas, but not Frost. Joe admits that he blames himself for giving up his badge, and Cecile tells him not to blame himself. A burst of lightning comes through the window and knocks down Cecile.Barry takes the others to his house in the past, and goes to find Deon. He's left Iris with the transmat orb, which will pull any organic particles back to Central City. Barry abruptly leaves, and Iris tells Alexa and Bashir to get some rest. Bashir looks at the orb in Iris' hands.Barry returns to his apartment, and finds Nora there. She says that she couldn't feel Barry at all, and that shouldn't be impossible. Barry says that she tried to kill the others, and Nora tells Barry that death is an agonizing loneliness that burns. She could feel the Forces trying to drag her back into the darkness, and tells Barry to bring the other Forces to her or Central Dies. Nora speed off, and Barry looks out the window and sees the lightning hitting the city.Back at STAR Labs, Barry meets with Cisco and Chester. They monitor the lighting strikes and Barry tells them that Nora plans to tear the city apart unless Barry brings her the Forces. Chester has created an isotopic sensor so if Barry sweeps the city and gets close to Deon, he'll register on the scanners. Barry tells them to stay on the comms while he deals with Nora.Chillblaine is walking down the street, and Frost confronts him and tells him to turn himself in. He reminds her that they're both escaped prisoners, and forgives her for trying to kill him the last time they met. Chillblaine has stolen biotech interfaces for his work, and invites frost to have a drink with him. She refuses, and Chillblaine tells frost that she's the first person he's met in a long time that he doesn't want to kill a second time. Frost insists that she won't go out with him and tells him to stop hitting on her. She charges at him, and Chillblaine charges at her.Joe brings the unconscious Cecile in, and they figure that Nora deliberately attacked her. Caitlin tells Joe that she'll do everything she can to heal Cecile.In the house, Iris explains that the house is a replica of the one she and Barry grew up in. She talks about what Barry was like growing up, and she wanted to help. Bashir telepathically communicates with Alexa only, and says that they need to fight Nora together and get her there.Barry speeds to a stadium where he finds Deon. He approaches Deon, who says his life was supposed to be a football god. Now that he's an actual god, he still can't make his life go the direction he wants. Deon says that he wishes he could take it back, and Barry tells him that he only killed an illusion. Deon tells Barry that he just wanted Barry to feel the same pain when Barry called him a mistake. Barry tells him that he's not a mistake, and says that Nora is looking for Deon. He says that he won't unmake Nora, and Deon tells Barry insists that killing Nora is the only thing that will keep them safe. When Barry says that he'll find another way, Deon tells him that he'll find a way and vanishes.When Barry returns to STAR Labs, he says that they should have Team Citizen help get people into shelters while he tries to find Deon again. Joe wonders what happens if Deon does kill Nora, says that the mere humans are trapped between god-like beings and walks out. Chester warns that they may not be able to restrain Nora, and Barry asks them to keep trying to find a way and he speeds off.Later, Allegra finds Joe in the lounge and asks if he wants to help. She asks what he is now that he isn't a cop, and reminds him of the things he's done in the past because he cares about helping others. Joe tells Allegra that he can't leave Cecile, and Allegra goes out without him.In the house, Alexa asks Iris what happens if the device doesn't work. She suggests that Iris give it to her, and Bashir says that they're going to take down Nora before she kills them. Alexa glows blue and grabs Iris by the throat, and Iris mashes it on the floor. It's an illusion created by Bashir. He has it and activates it, pulling them back to the real world.Chester and Cisco are trying to work out a way to contain Nora when Barry returns. They say that they only have theories, and Cisco tells Barry that he doesn't know how he'll win their battle. They detect Nora, and Barry speeds off to find her on the street. Barry tells her that her and the other forces were created by Barry and Iris' love, and that love is part of her. He appeals to her humanity, asking her to stop.Nora tells him that Barry doesn't understand. The city rumbles, and Nora says that the Forces created the storm and that's why they must die. Deon appears and blasts Nora, and the backlash knocks all three of them back. Barry speeds the unconscious Deon to STAR Labs, and tells Caitlin to help Deon.Cisco and Chester arrive, and Barry tells them that the other three Forces are the problem. Nora's communicates with them, saying that the sacrifice of Barry's children are necessary, and he should bring them to her before it's too late.Lightning continues striking the city, and Barry tells Caitlin that he couldn't stop Deon and isn't sure what the right thing is anymore. Caitlin assures him that he's doing the best he can, but Barry says that it isn't enough. Iris comes in and says that Alexa and Bashir are going after Nora. Barry doesn't know what they can do, and tells Iris what Nora told him.Chester and Cisco come in and explains that they're fighting the forces of the universe. Iris asks Barry how they choose between saving them and saving the city.Chillblaine and Frost fight, and he says that he's sensing wild chemistry between them. She hits Chillblaine with a blast of cold and knocks him out.People run through the streets as lightning slams down around them. At STAR labs, Iris tells Barry that she can't lose anyone else like she lost Nora. When Barry says that maybe they're not meant to be parents if they can't keep their own family safe, Joe speaks up and says that sometimes kids don't listen to their parents and become stronger. Joe points out that Iris is always side-by-side with Barry, taking care of business, and says that sometimes it takes a family to protect a family. Barry and Iris both realize that they should be bringing the Force together instead of keeping them apart.Barry and Iris go to Deon, and tell him that he has to work with other two Forces. Bashir and Alexa arrive, and they both explain that they can feel things are different. Deon apologizes for trying to kill them, and Barry says that they'll face Nora together.The four of them go to the base of the storm. The others monitor from STAR Labs, and Flash calls out to Nora and says that he brought the Forces. Nora appears and says that he's going to betray her, and Flash says that they're connected and are all a family. Nora figures that she'll have to kill Barry as well, and brings down lightning that hits all four of them.The group arrives in a burning landscape. Nora appears and says that the Forces did it, and it isn't how it should be. She prepares to attack them.At STAR Labs, the team realizes the Forces are in the Speed Force.Fuerza and Psyche join forces to attack Nora, and she teleports around them. Barry runs at Nora, while Deon blasts Nora from behind. They reappear in the real world and figure Nora has given up. Flash warns that it isn't that easy, and Cisco and Chester detect a collider reaction building over the city. They realize it will cause a Big Bang in reverse, and Chester warns that the Forces are returning to their original state but in reverse.Cisco tells Flash that he has 2:54 seconds until the Forces snap back and destroy creation. Flash speeds off, and Nora appears to the other Forces and tells them to surrender. The Forces communicate telepathically, and Nora realizes that Alexa is hiding something from her. Bashir uses his illusions to misdirect Nora's bolts, and Deon makes Nora see the world when everyone is gone.Nora breaks into tears and calls, wondering where everyone is. No one answers, and Nora realizes that it's worse than dying when she's the only one on the planet.Deon drops his time vision, and Nora collapses to the street sobbing at the thought she'll be the only Force left. She begs the other Forces not to let it happen, and Alexa tells Nora that she can choose a future where she's a party of their family. Alexa offers her hand and Nora takes it, then asks them all to forgive her.Flash speeds around the Force Even, trying to contain it. The Forces arrive and lend their power to Barry, making him fast enough to contain the Event. The Event disappears and Barry collapses in exhaustion. Nora helps Flash up and tells him that he saved them all, and hugs him. The rest of the family gathers.Later, Barry, Iris, and the Forces go to the now bright and cheery house in the dead zone. Nora tells Barry that he'll be faster than he can ever imagination, and they'll expand the zone to bring light to everyone in the universe. The other Forces agree, and Nora thanks Iris for Barry for believing in her. Barry and Iris return to the real worldCecile wakes up and finds Joe at her bedside. He tells her that Team Flash won, and he's been looking after the people who need him the most.At Jitters, Kamilla, Cisco, Chester, and Allegra have coffee. Cisco and Kamilla flirt with each other and kiss, and Allegra and Chester look awkwardly at each other and then look way. Chip Cooper texts Cisco and says that he needs an answer, and Cisco tells the others that it can wait.Frost comes back to the apartment, and Caitlin hugs her sister. With a word from the Flash, Frost has been paroled for good behavior. Frost admits that she has a crush on a bartender.At their apartment, Barry and Iris agree that things feel different with the Forces gone. Barry wonders if they'll feel the same when their children go off to college, then points out that least they have to try. He points out that it makes you wonder, and Iris agrees. She then heads to the bedroom, and says that it's time to start a family.
Cinematographer: Brenton Spencer
Producer: Sarah Schechter , Jonathan Butler , Thomas Pound , Scott Sebert , Gabriel Alejandro Garza , Sam Chalsen , Dani Dornfeld , Lauren Barnett , Kristen Kim , Greg Berlanti , Joseph Patrick Finn , Geoff Garrett , Jennifer Lence , Carl Ogawa , Eric Wallace , Kelly Wheeler
Production Manager: Danie Hakimi , Sean Osmack
Art Direction: Esme Viviers
Certificates: United States:TV-PG
Composer: Blake Neely
Editor: Christopher Oakes
Editorial Department: J. Bretton Truett , Ken Van Deest , Noah Chamow , Katie Rose Cornblath , Melanie Kate Wallis , Kendrick Goldsmith , Ross Thomson , Stuart Hoy , Alyssa Bravo , Ren Manlolo , Richard Cordes
Sound Crew: Darin Heinis , Mark Camperell , Peter Mullen , Samuel Munoz , Andy Bishop , Aaron Levy , Nick Neutra
Visual Effects: Michael Scott , Derek Raymond , Montu Jariwala , Chad Finnerty , Brent Greening , Christopher J. Richardson , James Payfer , Ken Fisk , Carrie Stula , Rohit Korgaonkar , Jason Ullrich , Emily Mason , Arman Mafi , Mason Trager , Levon Kosoyan , Suresh Rohit , Cinthia Fujii , Patrick Ottinger , Ross Macaluso , Duolin Ge , Zach Hamelton , Young Min Kim , Tanya Kevorkian , Seung Rok Hwang , Terry Beck , Mary Tess Llanos , Andrew Van Midde , Ying Xu , Heather Grocock , Marty Step , Daniel Fazel
Music Department: Tim Perrine , Raashi Kulkarni , Lu Cheng
Miscellaneous Crew: Andrew Forderer , Tomas Wittrup , Spencer Halex , Kristin Steigerwalt , Danny Ho , Colin House
Costume Designer: Kate Main
Animation Department: Angie Feret
Make Up: Cayley Giene , Gentille Umubyeyi , Starlette Tolver , Paige Gatzka , Lindala Schminken , Komal Sajdeh
Assistant Director: Jorge Orellana , Regie Yogamoorthy , Mark Bunting , Jon Kralt
Art Department: Gavin De West , Christopher Donaldson , Bardia Garshasebi , Mel Siermaczeski , David LeBrun , Dean Parnham , J.B. Mason , Ryan MacInnes , Noah Schnapp , Adam Stirskey , Steve Price , Brad Lever , David White , Malcolm Dunn , Robert K. Smith
Camera and Electrical Department: Jesse Keay , Shai Vera , Adrian Netto , Christian Schauz , Bettina Strauss , Mikah Sharkey , Simon Smith , Stephen Simons , Hailey Madelyn , Hamish MacKay , Justin Forkheim , Thomas Wang , Mark Wlodarczyk , Ted Smith
Set Decoration: Clayton Allen , Joanne Leblanc
Costume Department: Magdalena Shenher
Production Design: Jenny Wilson
Script Department: Anne-Cécile Boulais
Stunt Performer: Maya Macatumpag , Rorelee Tio , Valerie Fraser , Andrew Long , Nilo Ghajar , Ivett Gonda , Jon Kralt
Location Management: Tammy Tamkin , Ed Appleby , Michael Alcantara , Dylan Kilgour
Number of Seasons: Shauna Wilk
Seasons: Lyndsey Baldasare , David Rapaport
Casting Department: J.J. Ogilvy , Patty Connolly , Lauren Corry , Marian Landaeta , Naomi Nhan , Melissa Gregory , Sean Cossey , Sandra-Ken Freeman
Season: 7
Episode: 11
Number of Episodes: 184
Episode of: Family Matters, Part 2