Explosive Material


Explosive Material


Year: 1996

Season: 1, Episode: 21

Episodes: 26

Plot: The walls swallow up any monster who happens to pass near them, the stairs grow into cliffs, the kitchen shrinks and the carpet roars with breaking waves. It's hell at home! Leo can't understand a word of the messages sent by Mot, who is stuck in a dimension of unknown geometry, traveling from the microwave to the TV, via the bathroom mirror. Mother claims a restive sofa while father asks himself how he is ever going to get out of there. Perhaps if one could attach oneself to the ceiling of the corridor without being roasted by jets of lava from the raging carpet ...—Anonymous
Original Title: Explosive Material
Producer: Michel Vandewalle
Type: episode
Year: 1996
Genres: Animation
Cast: Karen Strassman
Original Air Date: 1996
Production Companies: Ellipse Animation , France 3
Distributors: UFA Film- und Fernseh GmbH , Your Family Entertainment
Producer: Michel Vandewalle
Composer: Bertrand Lenclos
Visual Effects: Isabelle Roussel
Other Companies: GLpipa , Hanho Heung-Up Company , Pixi Box , Plus XXX Studios
Season: 1
Episode: 21
Number of Episodes: 26
Episode of: Explosive Material