Evolve or Die

Evolve or Die

Director: Bill Eagles

Year: 2014

Season: 4, Episode: 4

Episodes: 52

Plot: After breaking out of the Espheni Ghetto, Tom and the 2nd Mass seek refuge in a Volm hideout, where tensions run high between the Volm and humans. Tom sets off with Weaver and Cochise to find Matt, leaving Hal in charge. Meanwhile in Chinatown, Anne is reunited with Lexi, and comes to realize that the little girl she saw 6 months ago is now a grown woman.—Anonymous
Original Title: Evolve or Die
Director: Bill Eagles
Writer: M. Raven Metzner , Robert Rodat
Producer: M. Raven Metzner , Darryl Frank , JT Diaz , Carol Barbee , Greg Beeman , Marc Dube , David Eick , Grace Gilroy , Bruce Marshall Romans , Scott Schofield
Type: episode
Year: 2014
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cast: Moon Bloodgood , Melissa Dionisio , Peter Hall , Drew Roy , Seychelle Gabriel , Megan Danso , Maxim Knight , Connor Jessup , Scarlett Hefner , Laci J Mailey , Dakota Daulby , Desiree Ross , Tyson Bellusci , Joshua Morettin , Noah Wyle , Colin Cunningham , Sarah Carter , Mpho Koaho , Doug Jones , Will Patton , Ryan Robbins , Treva Etienne , John DeSantis , Mira Sorvino , Robert Clotworthy , Mark Gibbon , Geoff Redknap
Runtimes: 42
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Original Air Date: 13 Jul 2014
Rating: 7.3
Votes: 590
Year: 2014
Production Companies: Amblin Television , Invasion Productions , Warner Bros. Television
Distributors: Sci-Fi Channel , TNT
Synopsis: Tom, Hal and Weaver make their way to the rendezvous point with Cochise. Weaver thinks he sees something, but dismisses it. They meet with Cochise and his second in command, Shaq. Cochise tells Tom they found Matt at a children's camp. Weaver signals for the 71 survivors to follow him.At the re-education center. Ken visits Matt in lock-up and spews his propaganda about the Espheni, then asks for the names of the people who were going to escape with Matt. At the rendezvous, Cochise tells Tom about their drones, a fraction of the size of a house fly, that helped them find the re-education camp. Tom leaves Hal in charge and leaves with Weaver and Cochise to go find Matt. As they walk, something follows their progress. Again, Weaver thinks he hears it. He takes out a knife and goes stalking. Cochise thinks he's being erratic.Whatever it is hides from the, its heart pounding. In Chinatown, Lexi tries to explain things to her mom, saying a path has been set for her. They're interrupted by an angry Anthony, being followed by Lourdes yelling about his gun. Anne asks him to set up camp outside the perimeter. Hal talks to the people who used to live in the area to find out where they can scavenge. One suggestion is farther than he wants to go, and he remembers Tom telling him not to leave the area. Pope taunts him for needing daddy's permission and the next thing he knows, Pope is speeding off in a truck.Cochise, Weaver, and Tom scope out the re-education camp. The thing stalking them crouches nearby. Suddenly, it springs out and attacks Cochise. It's the size of a person but moves like an animal. They scare it off, but Cochise is wounded. He goes into a regenerative state -- he passes out to heal. Weaver confesses to Tom that he thinks he saw the thing, which bleeds black, when they were leaving the concentration camp, but he thought he might be imagining it.Dingaan plays Hal a message he found on the radio about a "place of peace." Hal recognizes Lourdes' voice. Tector joins them and says the Volm have recon from their drones that says the Espheni will be at their location within 24 hours. Pope pulls up to farm and finds dozens of cans of gas in the garage. He's preparing to take some when someone blasts at his truck.A woman warns him off her gas and threatens him. They go back and forth until she invites him at gunpoint to have a beer.Inside, she wants to know where he came from. She used to be a graphic designer, but hated her job, She says the apocalypse is the best thing that ever happened to her, now she lives each moment and takes what she wants when she wants it. She informs Pope she's taking his truck. She spiked his beer and he quickly passes out.Later outside Chinatown, Anne tries to process her now grown daughter. Ben and Maggie tell her about Lexi's deal with the Epheni. Anne is ready to hunt the Espheni down when Ben preaches caution and suggests they try to learn about Lexi instead.Pope wakes up tried to a chair. The woman is packing up to leave when they see mech's searchlights outside. Pope very quickly explains that he knows how to kill them, but she'll have to let him go. "I'm Sarah, by the way," she says.At night, Tom and Weaver sneak into the re-education camp dorm. Tom wakes up a kid to ask about Matt, promising he'll get them out. Instead, the kid blows his alert whistle. Pope leads Sarah to the truck and they speed off through mech fire. Tom and Weaver regroup in the hall and run into Mira, who leads Tom downstairs.Weaver looks around the hall and sees black blood on the ground. Suddenly, the creature grabs him.Ken finds Matt in his cell and asks him about the intruders calling his name. When Matt fights back, Ken starts to choke him. Tom finds him just in time and pulls Ken off. Matt stops Tom from beating him to a pulp.Later outside, Mira creates a distraction blowing her whistle and running the other direction so Tom and Matt can escape. Weaver comes to and sees the creature staring him down. He thinks he hears his daughter Jeannie's voice, but she pounces, then flies off him to attack an Espheni. When the skitter gets the better of her, Weaver stabs it. Weaver looks at the creature -- it is his daughter Jeannie. He cradles her.On the road, Sarah stops the truck and tells Pope to get out. He reveals he took the shells out of her shotgun, so he takes the keys and tells her to get out. She asks if he's really going to leave her to be attacked."Don't tempt me," he says. "What do you think I've been doing this whole time?" she asks coyly. He lets her back in the truck. Back at the rendezvous, Hal tells the camp survivors they have to move out in the morning.Pope and Sarah pull up. When Hal yells at Pope for leaving, Sarah yells back, asking who put Hal in charge. Hal uses a gentler approach for Pope, saying he appreciates what he did, just not how he did it. Then he tells them about all the mechs nearby and that they have to leave.Back at Chinatown, Anne, Maggie and Ben follow Lexi to her meeting with the Espheni. Anne tells Lexi she thinks they are using her. She wants to talk to the Espheni, but Lexi thinks Anne will hurt it.The Espheni arrives and uses Ben's spikes to talk through him, saying he believes they might be able to live together in peace. When it calls Anne "mother," she recognizes it from the ship as the one who experimented on her. Anne yells at Anthony in the shadows to restrain the alien, but Lexi gets angry at Anne for lying.She uses her powers to rip the guns out of everyone's hands, but the Espheni urges her not to give in to violence. When Lexi calms down, the Espheni breaks contact with Ben and Ben announces he could tell it was lying.At the rendezvous, Hal spray paints something his history professor father will understand, but aliens won't: Croatoan, the only word that remained when the colony at Roanoke disappeared, that will signal abandon camp.Shaq and the Volm head out with Hal and the 2nd Mass toward Lourdes' coordinates on the broadcast.Outside the re-education camp, Cochise has healed. Weaver stumbles to the meeting point with Tom, telling him about Jeannie and that she saved his life before she died. Weaver says the Espheni plan to skitterize people is flawed because they can't control us.Gemenus, the head Espheni, does the alien version of a teleconference with the Espheni meeting with Lexi. The Lexi alien informs him he has total control of her and she's more powerful than they thought. He taunts Gemenus about his skitterization experiment not going as planned. The Lexi alien comes out of the teleconference and is tied up, with Lexi looking on adoringly nearby.
Cinematographer: Barry Donlevy
Producer: M. Raven Metzner , Darryl Frank , JT Diaz , Carol Barbee , Greg Beeman , Marc Dube , David Eick , Grace Gilroy , Bruce Marshall Romans , Scott Schofield
Production Manager: Yvonne Melville
Art Direction: Peter Ochotta
Certificates: United States:TV-14
Composer: Noah Sorota
Editor: Robin Russell
Editorial Department: Caroline Stack , Dan Judy , Jay Robinson , Christopher Currall , Ben Thompson , Paul Stemmer , Matt Wells , Patrick Lermitte , Dan Millson , Tom Demauri
Sound Crew: Christopher Cleator , Kathryn He , Arielle McGrail , Tim Chilton , Bob Costanza , Stephen Grubbs , Craig Stauffer , Richard Steele , Markus Wade
Visual Effects: Eric McAvoy , Dan Dixon , Lawren Bancroft-Wilson , Daniel Osaki , Adam de Bosch Kemper , Curt Miller , Jason Jue , Jeremy Kehler , Toby Taplin , Nadine Blackler , Blaine Lougheed , Terry Hutcheson , Darrell Croswell , Terry Kalinich , Sean Gilhooly , Brent Veal , Brendon Morfitt , Brandon Hines , Louis Leung , Julia Hiroko Howe , Rolph Thomas , Ryan Brassington , Robert Cvengros , Corey Coates , Justin Reimer , John Lipskie , Steven Tether , Reza Ghulam Yahya , Kim Savory , Steve Twist , Matt Drake , Joshua Goetz , Kayla Huitema , Tom Malenica , Aslan Zamaev , David Windhorst , April Hannah Fortin , Frans de Vries , Rahul Pokharkar , Kevin Cheas , Alex Shvartzman , Johnathan R. Banta , Andre Bustanoby , Peter Hunt , Andrew Karr , Scott Kilburn , Bruce Turner , Brad Proctor
Music Department: Derek Syverud , Peter Oso Snell
Miscellaneous Crew: Dawn Mander , Amy D'Alessandro , Jess Haber , Nick Fletcher , Tim Smith , Immanuel Spira , Dale Rechner , Ken Kabatoff , Mark MacDonald , Christine Lavaf , Natalie Zara Smith , Justine Demoulin , Kyle Sevier , Julian Ouanes , John Zenovitch , Caity Hardy , Miguel Flores Gamez , Mike Warren , Raylene Ledgerwood , Mary McDonald-Lewis , Nicholas Podbrey , Rob Fournier
Other Companies: Rex Post
Costume Designer: Angelina Kekich
Make Up: Caroline Dehner , Marianne Olsen , Amanda McGowan , Raj Mariathason , Victoria Fernandez , Werner Pretorius , Amelia Smart , Bronwyne Sloley , Sheryl Wilson , Emanuela Daus , Felix Fox , Tannis Hegan , Nicholas Podbrey
Assistant Director: Nico Sachse
Art Department: Kenny Gibbs , John Beatty , Crystal Strode , Brendan Taylor , Glenn Hilworth , Kevin Cockell , Graham Brunskill , Amber Boorman , Mia Johnson , Colin J. Czarnecki , Luca Nemolato , John Gallagher , Jordan Roberts , Dean Richards Wiancko , Jordy Wihak
Camera and Electrical Department: Seth Hettrick , Tyler Woeste , Marc Nolet , Damien Giles , Jonathan Bosse , Caragh Fitzsimmons , Jared Krenz , Tyler Jinx Moore , Cody Rusinko , Michael Goyert , Justin Giles , Jeff Zwicker , Mark Berlet , Dave Dibdin , Charles Koetke , Stephen Maier , Niel Rasmussen , James Kantola
Costume Department: Marie Hock , Susanne Milka , Sondra Durksen , Amie Payne , Ellie Schultz
Production Design: Rob Gray
Special Effects: Spencer West , Barry Hebein , Ron Kozier , Catherine Gordon , Dan Keeler , Robert Paller
Stunt Performer: Jeffrey C. Robinson , Maja Aro , Lucius Fairburn
Location Management: Tom Teotico , Nicole Noelle Chartrand , Kohl Jones , Tessa MacIntyre
Number of Seasons: Victor Formosa
Seasons: Dylann Brander , Megan Branman
Casting Department: Alexis Booth , Mike Page , Cara Chute Rosenbaum , Sandra Couldwell
Season: 4
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 52
Episode of: Evolve or Die