Ernest Cobb

Ernest Cobb

Director: Jack Bender

Year: 2012

Season: 1, Episode: 2

Episodes: 13

Plot: When a sniper begins targeting young victims, the team is forced to retrace the steps of the past in order to solve this modern day mystery.
Original Title: Ernest Cobb
Director: Jack Bender
Writer: Steven Lilien , Bryan Wynbrandt , Elizabeth Sarnoff , Alison Balian
Producer: Bryan Burk , Steven Lilien , Bryan Wynbrandt , Athena Wickham , Noreen O'Toole , Kathy Lingg , J.J. Abrams , Alison Balian , Jack Bender , Geoff Garrett , Toni Graphia , Robert Hull , Jennifer Johnson , Daniel Pyne , Elizabeth Sarnoff , Stephen Semel , Robert M. Williams Jr.
Type: episode
Year: 2012
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Cast: Joe Egender , Cameron K. Smith , Demord Dann , Samuel Patrick Chu , Sarah Jones , Scott E. Miller , Kerry van der Griend , Darren Dolynski , Max Clough , Harmen Van Andel , Alan MacFarlane , Brodie Marples , Terry Mullett , Jorge Garcia , Jonny Coyne , Parminder Nagra , Jason Butler Harner , Sam Neill , Jeffrey Pierce , Ben Cotton , Lauren Akemi Bradley , Natalie Charles , Christopher Logan , P.J. Prinsloo , Donald Adams , Peter Kent
Runtimes: 45
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Original Air Date: 16 Jan 2012
Rating: 7.4
Votes: 863
Year: 2012
Akas: Ernest Cobb (United States)
Production Companies: Bonanza Productions , Bad Robot , Warner Bros. Television
Distributors: Warner Bros. Television , Fox Network , Citytv , Cool TV , Net5 , RTL Nitro , VIER , Watch
Synopsis: In 1960, Ernest Cobb, is a newly transferred Alcatraz inmate. Meeting with Warden James, Cobb reveals that he was transferred to Alcatraz from another prison after shooting at a guard with a home made gun. Cobb says that he did so in order to get transferred to Alcatraz and thus get a private cell.In the present, Cobb sets up on a hillside and shoots and kills three people at a Carnival. Responding to the scene, Soto, though shaken by the dead bodies, recognizes the MO as that of Cobb. He informs Madsen that Cobb's pattern was to do three shootings over the course of three days and then go on the run. He further identifies Cobb's gun as a Winchester model 70.In 1960, Cobb is in his cell on Alcatraz, going crazy because the man in the cell next to him is a non stop talker. He sees Jack Sylvane freak out and get thrown in solitary confinement and has an idea.In the present, Lucy Banerjee is questioning Jack Sylvane. Sylvane claims to have simply woken up in the present with no memory of how he got there. Lucy then shows him the contents of the bag he retrieved from Barclay Fynn, a large metal key. Sylvane says he doesn't know why he got the bag and polygraph equipment shows that he's telling the truth.Madsen questions a local gun store owner and gets a lead on a hotel room Cobb may be renting. She, Soto, and Lucy go to check out the apartment, but Cobb has set up across the street from them and shoots Lucy, critically wounding her.In 1960, Cobb requests to be sent to solitary confinement in order to be free of having to interact with other inmates. When his request is denied he commits an infraction which forces the Warden to send him to the hole. However, the warden also sends the talkative inmate to the hole in order to torture Cobb.In the present, Madsen realizes that all of Cobb's shooting sprees have included a teenage girl as a victim. With some research, Madsen and Soto realize that Cobb, who had been abandoned as an infant, had a half sister. When he went to meet his birth mother, who rejected him again, the girl, Eloise, was sixteen years old. Cobb is acting out revenge on the sister who his mother loved enough to keep.Getting Cobb's belongings out of storage, Madsen sits in his cell in order to figure out how he thought. She figures out that Cobb had built a telescope in his cell which he used to watch the outside world and fantasize about his revenge. By looking at a picture of the San Francisco skyline in 1963 they pinpoint a pair of buildings as high points which Cobb might use. At one of them, Madsen discovers Cobb on the rooftop and subdues him. Hauser then shoots Cobb in his right hand in order to ruin his ability to shoot.After Cobb is locked in the high tech prison with Jack Sylvane, a flashback shows him in 1960 at the Alcatraz psych ward after multiple disciplinary infractions. The warden informs him that they're going to try and cure him by giving him some therapy and introduces him to his doctor. The doctor in Lucy Banerjee who introduces herself as Dr Lucille Sengupta.
Cinematographer: Stephen McNutt
Producer: Bryan Burk , Steven Lilien , Bryan Wynbrandt , Athena Wickham , Noreen O'Toole , Kathy Lingg , J.J. Abrams , Alison Balian , Jack Bender , Geoff Garrett , Toni Graphia , Robert Hull , Jennifer Johnson , Daniel Pyne , Elizabeth Sarnoff , Stephen Semel , Robert M. Williams Jr.
Production Manager: Chris Risner , Scott Sebert , Wayne Bennett
Art Direction: Jenny Wilson , Tony Wohlgemuth
Certificates: United States:TV-14::(DLV)
Composer: Chris Tilton , Andrea Datzman , Michael Giacchino
Editor: Imelda Betiong , Andrew Seklir
Editorial Department: Nona Khodai , Kerry Joseph Blackman , Ross Cavanaugh , George Manno , Christopher Currall , Jesse Korosi , Shannon Y.F. Lum , Patrick Lermitte , Rachel Eisenberg , Jeff Stroot , Christopher Petrus
Sound Crew: Alex Ullrich , Kevin Belen , Brett Hinton , G.W. Pope III , Matt Dawson , Mark Allen , Dave Griffiths , Vincent Guisetti , James Kusan , Frank Morrone , Patrick Ramsay , Keith Rogers , Nelson Stoll , Scott Weber
Visual Effects: Davy Nethercutt , Steve Fong , Shimooi , Joseph Bell , Gregg Katano , Chris Olivas , Greg Dora , Melody Horton , Bruce Branit , O.T. Hight , Simon Lacey , Jay Worth
Music Department: Paul Apelgren , Alex Levy , Bob Thiele Jr. , Gregory Sweeney , Norman Ludwin , J.J. Abrams , Brian Bulman , Michelle Silverman , Frank Macchia
Miscellaneous Crew: Amy D'Alessandro , Mike Aichholz , Shannon Harron , Carmen Siegers , Chad McQuay , Mindy Stevenson , Ryan Steacy , Karyn Michelle Baltzer , Randy Thomas , John Malakoff , Sean Farina , Kelsey Evans , Aaron Becker , David Konkin , Sean Patrick Shaul , Karen Bushnell , Jacob McNeil , Joe Allard , Theodore Bocolas , Tarryn Lee , Chris Parker , Stephanie Moore , Bliss McDonald , Jennifer Metcalf , Rob Fournier , Michele Lee
Other Companies: Atomic Sound Post , The Post Group Production Suites , Technicolor , Level 3 Post , SIM Digital / Bling Digital , Ford Motor Company , Bonanza Productions , Digital Vortechs , Sim Video West
Costume Designer: Susan De Laval , Maya Mani
Make Up: Donna Bis , Rebeccah Delchambre , Roy Sidick
Assistant Director: Brett McCord , Shane Tanny , Tim Macarthur , Scott Kukurudz , Sandra Mayo , Shea Rowan , Michael Bendner
Art Department: Lynn Chaulk , Jordan Dobbie , Mike Lilley , Mike Sorochuk , Scott Holburn , Rodrigo Segovia , Kelly Santbergen , Dylan Dowd , Darcy Wyness , Lisa Godwin , Matthew Campbell , Elena Dresser , Michael Kevin MacArthur , David Dowling , Dean Goodine , Derek Herr , Sergio Lavilla , Sean McGee , Paul Jenkinson
Camera and Electrical Department: Rod Frew , Brendan Chalmers , Jay Anderson , Marc Nolet , Jesse Frank , Mike Tanassee , Damien Giles , Jason Eaton , Chris Alexander , Chris Unsworth , Salomon Saade , Paul Akehurst , Dave Dibdin , Kharen Hill , Scott Kozak , Colin Mullin , Jeff Pentecost , Niel Rasmussen , Jeff Trebenski , Kevin Black , Liane Hentscher , James Kantola
Set Decoration: Mark Lane , Rose Marie McSherry
Costume Department: Eileen Gano , Marie Jeanne Melanson , Brenda Knight , Patrick Gray
Production Design: Mark S. Freeborn
Special Effects: Eric Lemay , Bill Pankiw , Don Besse , Darren Marcoux
Script Department: Tom Hyndman , Maggie Craig , Nancy McDonald
Stunt Performer: Jeff Sanca , Ali Dunn , Melissa R. Stubbs , Duane Dickinson
Location Management: Shane Lennox , Tom Teotico , Michael Roberts , Derek Sutherland , Greg Jackson
Number of Seasons: Brian Whitlock , Gerry Forster
Seasons: Sara Isaacson , April Webster
Casting Department: Jaye Riske , Mandie Vredegoor , Mike Page , Georgia Harper , Corinne Clark , Jennifer Page
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Number of Episodes: 13
Episode of: Ernest Cobb
Special Effects Companies: CoSA VFX