Episode #2.16

Episode #2.16

Director: Antonis Aggelopoulos

Year: 2007

Season: 2, Episode: 16

Episodes: 49

Plot: Delikaris keeps playing "cat and mouse" with the five, constructing fake evidence for them to find in order to start trusting him. The five "pay a visit" to Delikaris' office and they soon find out that they re not the only ones to search among his documents. When Delikaris realizes that he is being chased by the Russian mafia, he changes his plans and decides to handle the five to the chief-bad guy (the prime minister) in exchange for his protection. In the nick of time, the five understand the trap that has been set to them and decide to take Delikaris aback by following him to his house. But the car chase between Fotis and Delikaris will have an unexpected ending and the five will find themselves in a weird white place, somewhere between life and death, where they will come across the shadows of their deceased loved ones.—elliest_5
Original Title: Episode #2.16
Director: Antonis Aggelopoulos
Writer: Giorgos Kapoutzidis
Producer: Vaggelis Koutelidakis
Type: episode
Year: 2007
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Pavlos Orkopoulos , Efi Papatheodorou , Elissavet Konstantinidou , Michalis Marinos , Angeliki Lambri , Dimitris Petropoulos , Eleni Krita , Argyris Angelou , Giorgos Kapoutzidis , Giorgos Haleplis , Lina Exarhou , Melina Kyriakopoulou , Gerasimos Mihelis , Popi Hristodoulou , Stamatis Patronis , George Kopsidas , Giannis Politakis , Smaragda Karydi , Eirini Koumarianou , Nicos Arvanitis
Countries: Greece
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 19 Mar 2007
Rating: 9.3
Votes: 33
Year: 2007
Akas: Épisode #2.16 (France, French title) , Folge #2.16 (Germany, German title) , Episodio #2.16 (Spain, Spanish title) , エピソード #2.16 (Japan, Japanese title) , Episódio #2.16 (Portugal, Portuguese title)
Production Companies: Mega Channel , Studio ATA , Tiletypos S.A.
Distributors: Mega Channel , Mega Channel , Mega Cosmos , Mega Cyprus , TV Zapping
Cinematographer: Akis Georgiou
Producer: Vaggelis Koutelidakis
Production Manager: Natalie Douka , Dimitris Apostolidis
Editor: Giorgos Zaras
Editorial Department: Ioanna Spyropoulou
Sound Crew: Giorgos Konstantineas , Panagiotis Papaporfyriou
Music Department: Asimakis Kontogiannis , Dimitris Iatropoulos , Renato Favilli , Danai Fabili
Miscellaneous Crew: Vasilis Karypiadis , Elina Porali , Fanis Savvakis , Konstantina Deletari , Natassa Kolisi , Elsa Peloni , Marianna Petridou , Nikos Metaxas , Vasilis Politis
Thanks: Emmanouil Sigourakos
Other Companies: Blue Star Ferries Strintzis Lines , Denissi Art School , Express Service , Hellenic Coast Guard , Illusive Imaging , Ira , K. Angelou-Hr. Tassis , Karaiskakis Stadium , Leto Hotel , Metropolitan Hospital , Municipality of Athens , Ordino , Philippos Nakas Conservatory (PNC) , Technological Education Institute of Piraeus , École franco-hellénique d'Athènes Saint-Paul
Costume Designer: Maria Tsamoudaki
Make Up: Giota Theodoropoulou , Mary Rousi
Assistant Director: Stamatis Patronis , Mihalis Roubis
Art Department: Prokopis Diakoumis , Rania Galanopoulou
Camera and Electrical Department: Vasilis Portokalis , Gerasimos Soulis , Kostas Papadopoulos , Kostas Angelou , Adam Tsapekos , Hristos Papadopoulos
Set Decoration: Yioula Zoiopoulou
Costume Department: Matina Karekla
Production Design: Maria Mantala
Script Department: Vicky Hajignatiadou
Season: 2
Episode: 16
Number of Episodes: 49
Episode of: Episode #2.16