Episode #12.159


Episode #12.159


Year: 2007

Season: 12, Episode: 159

Episodes: 3120

Plot: Leontien knows Luc spend the night with Marie, because she came home last night and he wasn't there. She accuses him that he has no respect for her and for Lowie. Now he gets angry, because he always did what was best for Lowie. She doesn't see that it was best for Lowie to be with Luc's mistress. She shows him the door and her last words are: "See you in court." Frank warns her that if she wants to take Lowie from Luc, he will fight like a lion and use all tricks he can use. Luc tells at the office that he moved out of Leontien's on his own accord. Later he tells the truth to Marie when they're alone. Youssef notices that Dorien is allergic to pollen. The rest have fun with that fact, she hasn't. Kasper's report is bad and Rosa and Waldek suggest Victor can help him with certain studies. Kasper goes to Aisha and asks if she can help him. She can help him with certain studies, but not with the technical ones. Kasper rather doesn't want Victor to help him, but he has little choice now. Marianne asks Sandrine about her relationship with Ann. If it's a flirt, or that it's more. Sandrine assures her it's more. Marianne also asks her if she can redo the living room, now the kitchen has turned out so beautiful. Ann and Sandrine meet in the hallway and don't see Geert in the consultation room who can hear them. Sandrine says Ann she wants to tell Geert she is his daughter, but is a bit afraid of how he might react. Martine explains about the work at the Fit & Fun to Eva. She also tells her that if she's after Werner, things are not working that well between her and Werner. Eva says she's just there to work. When it's the end of Eva's shift Werner asks her for a drink. Maarten walks in to pick her up and also wouldn't mind a drink. Sam doesn't know what to think anymore about the situation between his parents. Martine says it's Werner, because he constantly walks after her, but lately she walks after him. Yvette notices there is something wrong between Simonne and Mo when Mo leaves diner early to go to Waldek. Yvette tells her she should notice him more, because he really tries to help her in any way he can.—Rune Thandy
Original Title: Episode #12.159
Type: episode
Year: 2007
Genres: Action, Drama, Comedy
Cast: Karolien de Beck , Josip Koninckx , Mattias Van de Vijver , Chris Boni , Christel Domen , Noureddine Farihi , Pol Goossen , Steph Goossens , Marijke Hofkens , Marleen Merckx , Annick Segal , Leah Thys , Monika Van Lierde , Nathalie Wijnants , Mark Willems
Countries: Belgium
Languages: Dutch
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 12 Apr 2007
Akas: Épisode #12.159 (France, French title) , Folge #12.159 (Germany, German title) , Episodio #12.159 (Spain, Spanish title) , エピソード #12.159 (Japan, Japanese title) , Episodio #12.159 (Italy, Italian title)
Costume Designer: Vanessa Vanderbist
Camera and Electrical Department: Tom Bonroy
Costume Department: Vanessa Vanderbist
Season: 12
Episode: 159
Number of Episodes: 3120
Episode of: Episode #12.159