Episode #1.6340


Episode #1.6340

Director: Karl Zwicky

Year: 2012

Season: 1, Episode: 6340

Episodes: 9200

Plot: Paul's message finally reaches Kate, trough Erin, when she's back from the sea cruise and is the shown the embarrassing YouTube post of his citizens arrest for 'boat theft'. She calls Sophie, who rudely breaks off after claiming there's no real trouble, while she begs Susan, already her home tutor and temporary host, to take over as her legal guardian. Even after Paul explains the seriousness of the situation and Dominic offers to postpone their Vietnam holiday, Kate bluntly decides to put her selfish holiday mood first and leave anyway. After a series of negative pregnancy tests, Sonya's panic decides Toadie to schedule fertility tests.—KGF Vissers
Original Title: Episode #1.6340
Director: Karl Zwicky
Writer: Shaun Topp , Reg Watson
Producer: Emma Gordon , Richard Jasek
Type: episode
Year: 2012
Genres: Drama, Romance
Cast: Ashleigh Brewer , Lincoln Lewis , Jordan Patrick Smith , Morgan Baker , Chris Milligan , Kaiya Jones , James Mason , Elise Jansen , Ben Barber , Michael McHugh , Alan Fletcher , Tom Oliver , Ryan Moloney , Eve Morey , Stefan Dennis , Scott Major , Sandy Winton , Freya Stafford
Countries: Australia
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1080i (HDTV)
Sound Mix: Stereo
Original Air Date: 17 Feb 2012
Akas: Épisode #1.6340 (France, French title) , Folge #1.6340 (Germany, German title) , Episodio #1.6340 (Spain, Spanish title) , Episódio #1.6340 (Portugal, Portuguese title) , एपिसोड #1.6340 (India, Hindi title)
Production Companies: FremantleMedia Australia , The Grundy Organization
Distributors: Five , Amazon Prime Video , Eleven
Producer: Emma Gordon , Richard Jasek
Production Manager: Caroline Scott
Certificates: Australia:PG , France:Tous publics , Germany:12 , New Zealand:PG , Sweden:Btl , United Kingdom:PG , United States:TV-G
Music Department: Sandra de Jong , Tony Hatch , Jackie Trent
Miscellaneous Crew: Matthew Hood
Costume Designer: Paul Warren
Assistant Director: Tom Jecks
Art Department: Darren Botsford
Production Design: Peta Lawson
Script Department: Olivia Lewis , Jason Herbison
Seasons: Thea McLeod
Season: 1
Episode: 6340
Number of Episodes: 9200
Episode of: Episode #1.6340