Episode #1.607


Episode #1.607


Year: 1966

Season: 1, Episode: 607

Episodes: 10693

Plot: Linda can't understand why Ivan can't get a local job. He is adamant about going to Birmingham. She refuses to go with him. Linda tells Elsie she had an affair in Canada and that is why they have returned. Len tells Linda that Elsie is worried about something other than the Cheveskis. Elsie tells the Cheveskis it's obvious that Paul will never have a happy life with them rowing all the time. She plans to see a solicitor to get custody of Paul. She's sick of them. Ivan goes to Birmingham to sort out a home for them all. Linda receives one of the phone calls and realises why Elsie has been acting strangely.—GusF
Original Title: Episode #1.607
Writer: Tony Warren
Producer: H.V. Kershaw
Type: episode
Year: 1966
Genres: Drama, Romance
Cast: Philip Lowrie , William Roache
Runtimes: 22
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Sound Mix: Mono , Mono::(1960-1989)
Original Air Date: 05 Oct 1966
Akas: Épisode #1.607 (France, French title) , Folge #1.607 (Germany, German title) , Episodio #1.607 (Spain, Spanish title) , エピソード #1.607 (Japan, Japanese title) , Episodio #1.607 (Italy, Italian title)
Production Companies: Granada Television
Distributors: ITV - Independent Television
Producer: H.V. Kershaw
Certificates: Sweden:Btl , United Kingdom:12 , United States:TV-PG , United States:TV-14
Music Department: Ronnie Hunt , Eric Spear
Season: 1
Episode: 607
Number of Episodes: 10693
Episode of: Episode #1.607