Episode #1.1803


Episode #1.1803

Director: Philip Draycott

Year: 1978

Season: 1, Episode: 1803

Episodes: 10705

Plot: W.P.C. Rogers tells the court that Len told her she looked sexy in stockings before becoming abusive towards her. Len swears he did not make a pass at the officer and wasn't drunk. In court, on her first wedding anniversary, Rita is forced to admit she denied knowing Len because she was angry with him for getting drunk. Mike wants Suzie and Gail to stocktake on May Bank Holiday. The girls ask Steve to talk Mike out of the idea. The magistrates find Len not guilty. Annie flies to Jersey for the bank holiday weekend. The paper carries a report of Rogers' allegations against Len. Rita sees it and is furious. She locks Len out of the bedroom.—A. Nonny Mouse
Original Title: Episode #1.1803
Director: Philip Draycott
Writer: John Stevenson , Peter Tonkinson , Tony Warren
Producer: Bill Podmore
Type: episode
Year: 1978
Genres: Drama, Romance
Cast: Christine Early , Peter Theedom , Brenda Castle , Peter Adamson , Jean Alexander , Thelma Barlow , James Berwick , Sharon Bower , Neville Buswell , Violet Carson , Eileen Derbyshire , Betty Driver , Brenda Elder , Barbara Knox , Emrys Leyshon , Bryan Mosley , Lawrence Mullin , Cheryl Murray , Patrick Newell , William Roache , Doris Speed , Martin Wimbush , Helen Worth
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Sound Mix: Mono , Mono::(1960-1989)
Original Air Date: 26 Apr 1978
Akas: Épisode #1.1803 (France, French title) , Folge #1.1803 (Germany, German title) , Episodio #1.1803 (Spain, Spanish title) , एपिसोड #1.1803 (India, Hindi title) , Episódio #1.1803 (Portugal, Portuguese title)
Production Companies: Granada Television
Producer: Bill Podmore
Certificates: Sweden:Btl , United Kingdom:12 , United States:TV-PG , United States:TV-14
Music Department: Ronnie Hunt , Eric Spear
Production Design: Roy Graham
Script Department: Leslie Duxbury
Season: 1
Episode: 1803
Number of Episodes: 10705
Episode of: Episode #1.1803