Episode #1.11072


Episode #1.11072

Director: Phil Sogard

Year: 2009

Season: 1, Episode: 11072

Episodes: 14678

Plot: Lucas patiently questions and warns Sami about covert feelings for Elvis now her affair with Rafe, who might also endanger the kids, already runs into trouble. Father Matt approves of Chloe's white lie to bond with Will, who actually sees trough it and yet appreciates her effort, then informs his parents having seen Rafe and Chloe. Kate accepts to stay in Salem and let Chelsea fly to London, where Billie had a serious car accident, then coldly tells Daniel she knows for sure about Chloe's lover. Overhearing Rafe pledge his unyielding love to Arianna, Sami silently assumes him a cheater.—KGF Vissers
Original Title: Episode #1.11072
Director: Phil Sogard
Writer: Dena Higley , Rick Draughon , David Cherrill , Renee Godelia , Jeanne Marie Ford , John Newman , Cydney Kelley , Christopher Whitesell , Lisa Seidman , Richard Culliton
Producer: Janet Spellman-Drucker , Mary-Kelly Weir , Ken Corday , Noel Maxam , Tim Stevens , Gary Tomlin
Type: episode
Year: 2009
Genres: Drama, Romance
Cast: Dylan Patton , Rachel Melvin , Suzanne Schmidt , Felisha Terrell , Terrell Ransom Jr. , Nadia Bjorlin , Shawn Christian , Bryan Dattilo , Galen Gering , Renée Jones , Lauren Koslow , James Reynolds , Alison Sweeney , Ralph Waite
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (1965-2010)
Sound Mix: Stereo
Original Air Date: 01 May 2009
Akas: Épisode #1.11072 (France, French title) , Folge #1.11072 (Germany, German title) , Episodio #1.11072 (Spain, Spanish title) , エピソード #1.11072 (Japan, Japanese title) , Episódio #1.11072 (Portugal, Portuguese title)
Production Companies: Cinema Vehicles , Corday Productions , Cutter Productions
Distributors: National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Producer: Janet Spellman-Drucker , Mary-Kelly Weir , Ken Corday , Noel Maxam , Tim Stevens , Gary Tomlin
Production Manager: Elaine Withrow , Greg Meng
Certificates: Sweden:Btl , United States:TV-14
Music Department: Amy Evans , Charles Albertine , Tommy Boyce , Ken Corday , Bobby Hart , Stephen Reinhardt
Miscellaneous Crew: Sara Peterson
Make Up: Matthew Holman
Camera and Electrical Department: Mark J. Levin
Costume Department: Daisy Alexandra Sylbert-Torres
Script Department: Fran Myers
Stunt Performer: Jean Paul Ruggiero
Season: 1
Episode: 11072
Number of Episodes: 14678
Episode of: Episode #1.11072