En función

En función

Director: Mónica Botero , Verónica Triana

Year: 2021

Season: 1, Episode: 8

Episodes: 20

Plot: Abel and Marion are surprised when they find the room empty, after being told it was full. Pastor, a strange character, announces to them that the room is closing, and that they must leave it. Abel and Marion reject the order, and decide to stay and live there. Sometimes they falter, as conditions become more and more difficult, and because Pastor appears frequently, and using more and more derogatory terms to discourage them, and to convince them to give up their purpose. The actor and actress, who love their work, and feel deeply connected to their space, act as if there were an audience, and as a way to maintain the essence of their work. Pastor, acts as a permanent opponent, but also acquires the character of a public, and ends up interested in the work.
Original Title: En función
Director: Mónica Botero , Verónica Triana
Writer: Fabio Rubiano
Producer: Óscar Guarín , Carlos Mario Urrea
Type: episode
Year: 2021
Genres: Drama
Cast: Ariel Merchan , Fabio Rubiano , Marcela Valencia
Runtimes: 11
Countries: Colombia
Languages: Spanish
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 09 Mar 2021
Akas: En función (Colombia)
Producer: Óscar Guarín , Carlos Mario Urrea
Art Direction: Eleonora Barajas
Composer: Nicolas Pacheco
Costume Designer: Camila Olarte
Make Up: Fernando Castañeda
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Number of Episodes: 20
Episode of: En función