Director: Daniela Ramalho , Liliane Mutti

Year: 2022

Plot: A year after the assassination of Marielle Franco, her parents Antonio and Marinete Silvia go to Paris to participate in the inauguration of the garden which bears the name of their daughter. Paris, we hear Marielle, activist for feminist, black and LGBTQI+ causes, politician in Brazil. Her voice echoes through the streets and echoes the voices of her father and mother. They carry a cry of pain, revolt and hope. Three years after Marielle's execution, her garden continues to cross the seasons, while her murder remains unanswered.
Original Title: Elle
Director: Daniela Ramalho , Liliane Mutti
Type: movie
Year: 2022
Genres: Documentary, Short
Cast: Marielle Franco
Runtimes: 8
Countries: France , Brazil
Languages: French
Color Info: Color
Akas: Elle (France)
Production Companies: Ciné Nova Bossa
Cinematographer: Daniel Zarvos
Sound Crew: Rodrigo Sacic