Douglas MacArthur: Return to Corregidor

Douglas MacArthur: Return to Corregidor


Year: 2011

Plot: Opinionated, bold, stubborn, loyal, the consummate soldier, a man whose vision was ahead of his time, a man whose values were as American as West Point, Douglas MacArthur was a key figure in the mid 20th century. As portrayed by Gary Saderup, it is as though he lives again! Veteran actor Gary Saderup has appeared on the Shakespearean stage as Macbeth, Othello and Richard the Third. He has worked with American author Ray Bradbury in creating the leading roles in two original plays. Historical characters are not new to him. He played John Barrymore in 'I Hate Hamlet.' More recently Mr. Saderup appeared as Charles Darwin with actor Patrick Warburton in the hit British play 'Darwin in Malibu'. In the film adaptation of Steven Rivera's brilliant script 'Douglas MacArthur: Return to Corregidor' Gary Saderup brings his acting prowess to bear in creating a sensitive portrait of the legendary American general.—Northwest Indie Review
Original Title: Douglas MacArthur: Return to Corregidor
Writer: Steven Rivera
Producer: Gary Saderup , Harold Fleischman
Type: movie
Year: 2011
Genres: History
Cast: Gary Saderup
Runtimes: 63
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Original Air Date: 2011 (USA)
Distributors: Kultur Video
Producer: Gary Saderup , Harold Fleischman
Thanks: Robert C. Bruce
Other Companies: Road's End Films