Do Not Pass Go: Part 2

Do Not Pass Go: Part 2

Director: Gerren Keith

Year: 1990

Season: 5, Episode: 19

Episodes: 116

Plot: Mary's luck runs out in Atlantic City, while Rose catches Warren with another woman and Travis blows a comedy contest.
Original Title: Do Not Pass Go: Part 2
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Christine Houston , Casey Keller , Richard Albrecht , Michael G. Moye , Bill Boulware , Jack Elinson
Producer: John Boni , Al Gordon , Irma Kalish , Diana Kwong , Norman Lear , Larry Spencer , Roxie Wenk Evans
Type: episode
Year: 1990
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Larry Keene , Sandy Fear , Marla Gibbs , Hal Williams , Alaina Reed-Hall , Helen Martin , Toukie Smith , Regina King , Curtis Baldwin , Stoney Jackson , Barry Sobel , Paul Winfield , Luther Vandross , Kevin Peter Hall , Cynthia L. James , Earl Boen , Thomas Nelson Webb , Greg Bell , Farrell Mayer , Robert David Armstrong
Runtimes: 24
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Stereo
Original Air Date: 10 Feb 1990
Rating: 8.4
Votes: 17
Year: 1990
Akas: Do Not Pass Go: Part 2 (United States)
Production Companies: Columbia Pictures Television
Distributors: National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Synopsis: Mary's luck runs out in Atlantic City and she loses all of her winnings, including $3000 she promised Lester. Meanwhile, Warren and the mystery woman meet again and Rose spots them in a compromising position. She breaks off the engagement, but since neither will accept the ring, Mary takes it for safe-keeping. Travis gets stage fright at the comedy show and Dylan takes his place. He wins, but is disqualified because he never officially entered making Pearl lose out on seeing Luther. After confessing to Lester she lost all her money, Mary notices Rose's ring has been stolen. Mary stops the woman and it turns out she is the woman Warren had been seeing. Warren admits he was seeing her because he knew she was the jewel thief who stole Pearl's brooch, and even Luther Vandross' watch, so she would let her guard down. Rose & Warren get married in Atlantic City after all. At the wedding, Luther comes to thank Mary for getting him his watch back, and in return he agrees to sing at the wedding so Pearl can finally see him.
Cinematographer: Donald A. Morgan
Producer: John Boni , Al Gordon , Irma Kalish , Diana Kwong , Norman Lear , Larry Spencer , Roxie Wenk Evans
Production Manager: Fran McConnell , Ed Lammi
Art Direction: Larry Wiemer
Certificates: United States:TV-PG , United States:TV-14
Editor: Leland Gray
Music Department: Ray Colcord
Miscellaneous Crew: Mike Scott , Ilunga Adell , Roy Campanella II , Ed Cervantes , Deborah Curtan , Peter Filsinger , Marla Gibbs , Niles Goodsite , Diana Jimenez Pulver , Fred Johnson , Diana Kwong , Daryl G. Nickens , Ken Whittingham
Costume Designer: Adella Farmar
Make Up: Rene Williams , Kenneth Walker
Assistant Director: Mikki Capparelli
Art Department: Salvatore Capra
Production Design: Don Roberts
Seasons: Marc Hirschfeld , Meg Liberman
Casting Department: Rick Jacobs
Season: 5
Episode: 19
Number of Episodes: 116
Episode of: Do Not Pass Go: Part 2